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He tried to save the dog from the storm: in Tennessee, a man was killed by a tree

In Tennessee, a man was killed by a tree when he tried to save a dog from a storm. Writes about it People.

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63-year-old Ray Wood died near his home in Adamsville (Tennessee) after he went outside to pick up his pet in the house due to a brewing storm.

According to his daughter, Ray Wood tried to take the dog out of the yard because a strong wind rose and it started to rain when a tree fell on him.

His daughter Kendra Hensley confirmed his death on Facebook by writing that he died "instantly."

“The wind picked up and he went out the back door to pick up the dog because of the wind and rain, and a tree fell and it looks like it killed him instantly,” she wrote. “Please pray for our family during this difficult time. He was a man of God, so I know for sure that his soul went to heaven. This is not goodbye. See you later".

Wood's friend James Lee also remembered him with love, saying that he was a "super guy."

“If I needed something from him, it didn't make any difference when it was, what it was, he always helped,” Lee said.

Wood was the commander of a support team at a city school.

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“The absolute worst part of yesterday was the news that we had lost one of us, the former commander,” the report said. - Ray Wood was the sweetest, most generous person. Our hearts are broken because of his loss. We will miss him so much. "

A powerful storm left behind heavy damage in the small town of Adamsville, which is located about 100 miles east of Memphis.

Mass blackouts have been reported. Hardin County Mayor Kevin Davis has signed a state of emergency for the area.

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