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I tried to bite my legs: a cannibal shark attacked a man and got into the video

In Orleans, Massachusetts, a team of researchers filmed a video of an attempt by a great white shark (called the ogre) to attack a man. The record appeared on the official YouTube channel Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, writes “ report".

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The incident occurred on November 11. Greg Skomal, a marine fishery specialist, stood on the bridge of a research vessel and shot sharks underwater with a GoPro camera when a female 2,7 meter in length jumped to the surface. The frames show how a predator repeatedly tries to bite a man by the legs, but he jumps to the side on time.

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The White Shark Conservation Committee in the Atlantic warned in a video caption that human and white shark encounters are extremely rare, but people should not lose their vigilance. “Man-eating sharks are wild and unpredictable creatures,” the organization said.

The great white shark, or cannibal shark, is one of the largest predatory fish on Earth. On average, representatives of this species grow to 4,6-4,8 meters in length. White sharks are found in the waters of all oceans, except the Arctic. They are considered the most dangerous to humans from all species of sharks.

In the 2018 year, it became known that Greg Skomal almost fell into the mouth of a shark while going to sea. The predator jumped out of the water and opened its mouth wide when the specialist stepped onto the bridge of the ship. "Did you see that? Did you see this? ”He cried then.

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