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Five websites where you can find the cheapest flights

There are several methods for finding flights, whether through airline websites, apps, online travel agencies (OTA) such as Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz, or third-party metasearch engines. Travel & Leisure.

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If you are looking for the best price and not flights of a particular airline, you should turn to OTA or metasearch engines that will show you flight options from various airlines. But it is often not recommended to book flights through OTA. If something goes wrong - like a delayed or canceled flight - the airline won't be able to help you find a solution and you'll have to deal with your OTA instead. This creates an extra step in the process, and is often frustrating. However, the advantage of booking through OTA is that prices can be cheaper than booking directly with an airline. You may book via OTA at your own risk.

It's better to target metasearch engines, although you can still use OTA to find flights and then book directly with the airline. Also, most metasearch engines include OTA prices if you're looking for the lowest price, regardless of the booking site.

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And there's another caveat to keep in mind: Southwest Airlines generally doesn't allow its flights to appear on third-party search engines or booking platforms.

Here is a selection of the best flight search engines.

Google Flights

In the 1990s, ITA created the first flight search engine called QPX to help travelers find the lowest fares. Today, it has evolved into Google Flights, a reliable and user-friendly search engine that is the best way to find flight options. You can use a set of filters to narrow down your options — by departure time or by airline alliance, for example — and you can even track prices to see if they drop over time.

If you're planning a trip based on cheap airfare rather than choosing a destination, Google Flights can also help you. Just leave a destination open when searching for flights, and Google Flights will show you a map of flight prices around the world.


Although often categorized as an OTA, Kayak is actually a metasearch engine. This means that you cannot buy tickets through Kayak itself, and Kayak redirects you to airline websites or OTAs to book. While Kayak has all the benefits of major metasearch engines such as search filters and price alerts, it stands out from the competition because it includes Southwest flights.

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But it does so in a certain way: they are only available to users with a free Kayak business account. Other useful things about Kayak include the Fee Assistant feature, which helps you calculate baggage fees, and Hacker Fares, which lets you estimate the cost of one-way tickets on different airlines. These fares can be cheaper than booking round-trip tickets with a single airline.


Kayak's sister site, Momondo offers almost all of the same services, including Hacker Fares, although it doesn't have a Fee Assistant. What's great about Momondo is that it automatically shows you flight prices days before and after your target travel dates. It also offers flight information between your origin and destination, including statistics such as the cheapest month, day of the week, and time of day to travel. In addition, in general, this is a very user-friendly site in terms of design.


Skyscanner is a classic flight meta search engine, but it has certain advantages over its competitors. First, it has the cheapest month feature that can help you choose the best time to visit your destination based on cheap airfare. Second, it includes several smaller OTAs that can help you find even lower prices than the larger OTAs offer. And thirdly, it can find the lowest prices for last-minute flights better than competitors.

Expert Flyer

Expert Flyer is really best suited for experienced fliers. This tool requires a paid subscription. It provides very advanced features that go far beyond just finding flights.

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But it's especially handy for finding flights, as it allows you to search for premium fares. As we said, this is best suited for experienced passengers, as it requires quite a bit of airline knowledge to get the most out of it, and the searcher's user interface isn't the most intuitive.

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