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Five simple ways to succeed in American college

What determines long-term success after graduating from college? Not just your grades. According to a poll conducted by the American Institute of Public Opinion Gallup, mentoring support almost doubles the chances for students to succeed in the future. Share America.

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If you plan to study in the US, listen to a few simple tips on how to find a mentor.

1. Dine with teachers

Colleges recommend to communicate with teachers in an informal setting, for example, over a cup of coffee or lunch. Some schools are willing to pay the bill at a local restaurant if you invite one of your teachers.

Take advantage of this opportunity. You will surely find something interesting.

When Jaime Castillo was a student, he invited a teacher at Tulane University for lunch and learned that he participated in a cycling race, and one of his rivals was the famous Lance Armstrong. More importantly, Castillo met with a consultant for postgraduate education and employment issues.

2. Attend community events

Communication, at first uneasy, is adjusted over time. Attend evening readings, concerts or lectures related to your specialty, and chat with people. To get an idea of ​​what events are held, find the calendar of events on the website of the school you are interested in.

3. Find a friend

Your peers can share valuable information about their internships and education, as well as help with English.

Many higher education institutions develop mentoring programs for peers. One of the “partners” is an American, the other is a foreign student. A participant in such a program from Weber University (Utah) believes that his mentor helped him feel like a member of the university. Another student said that the mentor helped him to believe that someone really supported him in striving for success.

4. Meet the teacher during consultation hours

Higher education teachers are specialists in their field. In the US, they are required to devote several hours a week to student consultations. They allocate time for this and place the appropriate announcement on the doors of their office. Come for a consultation. This is the best way to ask questions regarding the material covered.

The Washington Post newspaper tells about Rashern Baker, a law student at Howard University. Rashern went to the assistant dean to find out if you could refuse to study one of the subjects. The teacher persuaded Baker to continue studying this subject and was its supervisor for the next thirty years. They are still close friends and occupy high elective posts in two densely populated districts in Maryland.

5. Make connections with alumni

Recent graduates know how to successfully use a diploma. Ask the alumni department to put you in touch with them.

Your state may have alumni clubs from several American universities. If not, consider creating such a club or use LinkedIn or other social media to connect with alumni. They will be interested to learn the news of their old campus.

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