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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
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Our people in Hollywood: the secrets of the Russian stuntman

He managed to become the main stuntman for the Bond. Martin Ivanov takes on the most difficult and dangerous stunts. Sometimes, making decisions instantly, without hesitation for more than 2-3 seconds. Below are some of Martin's most interesting revelations.

My father is a stuntman who starred in Soviet and Russian films. Therefore, since childhood I have dreamed of the same work. But then I got into autosport. In adolescence, he became acquainted with racers, and so it began. Participated in circuit racing, then rally. He won. But even if you are a champion in the rally, you still do not earn, but constantly spend. Therefore, gradually the career in motor sport is over.

My father suggested that I try myself as a stuntman. Removed 2 chase. No problem. After the rally battles participation in cinema chases seemed to me not at all difficult. And then I was very lucky.

In 2003, the Hollywood blockbuster "The Bourne Supremacy" was filmed in Moscow. And there was a job for me. Then a brigade of stuntmen arrived, but they needed assistants to shoot a chase involving many cars. For safety net. Each background machine had to have a stuntman who could adequately respond in the event of an emergency.

On Trubnaya Square, an episode was filmed in which Bourne jumps from a high parapet onto the road by car. Before reaching the ground, he must hit the dump truck with a bumper and drive on. The British stuntmen refused at the last moment. Frightened. Then the director turned to me: "Do you want to try?" "Sure ". I didn't even think about it.

I jumped so hard in the rally that this trick did not seem dangerous to me. I did everything perfectly. After this episode, I suddenly became the main stuntman of the film. And after filming, the director offered to continue to cooperate. The next work in Hollywood was The Bourne Ultimatum. Then he was invited to the “Quantum of Solace”.

Under the flying truck

Once I was spotted by stuntman and stuntman Mike Ryan. Suggested shooting in viral advertising. Mike specializes in truck stunts. But not really explained. All the insane risk of the project, I realized only on the spot.

According to the scenario, a huge tractor with a trailer and a formula car accelerate, moving in parallel. Then the truck jumps from the springboard, takes off - and at that moment I have to make a sharp turn on the car and drive under it!

It was necessary to remove from the first and only double. A truck flies over the ground just 25 meters. This was my first experience driving a formula car. But I'm not used to retreat. Ride a little for training, then told the director that he was ready. During filming, the hardest thing was to drive at the same speed as the truck. After all, Lotus accelerates faster. At 120-km / h, the tractor took off from the springboard, and slipped under it. I did not have time to get scared - everything happened too quickly.

Night races in the center of Rome

During the filming of the last film, Spectrum, we had to arrange chases in the Roman streets at night. This time, I got the Jaguar CX-75 concept hybrid supercar. The streets were blocked off, but the work was still very hard.

The biological clock refused to rebuild, the body demanded sleep, and constantly had to overpower itself. They did not make concessions for the night regime - all the same standard 12-hour shifts. It turns out that you live in owl mode for a month - you don't see the sun. During the day you try to sleep in a hotel room, and spend the whole night on the sets.

On the project, all the stuntmen are very tired. And I had to unexpectedly change the car. Another scene of the film was filmed in Austria - according to the plot, the plane was chased by Range Rover Sport and two Defender. At first I had to play the “main thug”, it was to go to the “Range”, I trained on it, and during the shooting I was suddenly distributed to another car. The director decided that for the main villain I didn’t look too brutal. We scrambled to serpentine to 160-ti, and it was very hard to keep on the “Defe” for “Range”.

In the mud above the abyss

Sometimes the risk is really great. A few episodes of “Quantum of Solace” were filmed in an old marble quarry in Italy, where work has not stopped in the past few thousand years. Antique statues were made from the material extracted there. On the set we faced a lot of problems. You rush on gravel with a marble crumb on a sports car, huge columns of dust rise. At rehearsals, operators began to resent: they could not see anything. Therefore, they decided to water the gravel. As a result, the coating turned into slippery dirt. And I had to not only go fast on the 500-strong rear-wheel drive Aston Martin, but also at the limit of possible turns and studs. In some areas there were no fences and, making the only mistake, it was easy to fly into the abyss.

How to drown the best stars of Hollywood

Usually, actors understand that they will not do the stunt at the stuntman level. And dangerous scenes are filmed by the second film crew. But exceptions happen. Here once on the set of “The Expendables-3” I was assigned to duplicate Jason Statema. Work out the final chase - the hero turns on the truck to the sea pier and dramatically slows down a few meters from the water. Rehearsed, I performed a trick so that the operators understand how everything will look in the frame. Suddenly, Jason, who was on the site, began to persuade the stunt director to allow himself to act in a scene with a truck.

Contrary to common sense, they went to meet him. Well, they guessed to "unload" a dozen actors from the back - there were all Hollywood stars. Stateham got behind the wheel, and I was on the right. He accelerated - and where it was necessary to brake sharply, he hesitated. The truck flew into the water. The windows in the car were full of holes, so the cabin quickly filled with water. The wave washed me into the center of the cockpit. It was difficult to move, the boots on my feet interfered. I started to fight for my life. I even forgot about the actor. Intuitively I found the door and could barely open it. And Jason was saved by other stuntmen. Then he stubbornly repeated: the cause of the accident was bad brakes. But I know: he simply does not know how to drive trucks ... That time I drowned 2 iPhones that were in my pockets, they changed them to new ones. But most importantly, it was possible to save from death those 10 actors who had previously "rolled" in the back of a drowned truck.

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