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Five apps to help you save money on everyday tasks

Mobile technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and new apps and features are helping us save money wherever we are. Whether you're heading to the store, gas station, or on vacation, there are apps to help you save. Edition Money Talks News collected some of the best.

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Fuel prices can sometimes bite, but no matter where you are in the US or Canada, you can save a few dollars while refueling with Gasbuddy.

GasBuddy provides a list of gas prices at nearby gas stations, and you can choose the gas station closest to you with the lowest pricing policy. For car owners, this is one of the best apps to save money on the road.


application Ibotta offers coupons for use at grocery stores, pharmacies, health and beauty stores, specialty stores, and convenience stores. It helps to save money when buying clothes, liquor and other things. There are also offers in restaurants and cinemas. Ibotta coupons can be used in the cashback app.

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How does it work? Before you go shopping or when you're already in the store, select your favorite coupons in the app, buy items, and then scan your receipt. After a while, you will see a message about the approval of the cashback and a growing account balance. You can cash out when you reach a balance of $20 through PayPal or Venmo, or use your account balance to purchase gift cards.

This is one of my favorite money saving apps.


If you are somewhere on a trip and you urgently need a room, but you do not want to overpay, then HotelTonight created especially for you. The application provides a list of nearby hotels with the best prices. This app is for last minute room bookings at the best price, but you can book a week ahead.


When driving to the city center or to the airport, it can be difficult to find the best parking deal. And the cost of a place on it in many cities is sometimes considerable. That's where BestParking comes to the rescue.

Don't choose parking just because it's closer. Open BestParking on your phone to see the best prices for this service. In addition, you can use the BestParking website to plan parking before you even leave home.

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While you can still buy Groupon online, print it out and take it with you, the mobile app offers the best way to save money.

With a mobile app Groupon Find out about nearby restaurants and malls where you can get a bargain directly in the app. Then show your purchase to the waiter or cashier on the phone and get the desired product or service. As a bonus, if you buy items right when you plan to use them, you don't have to worry about using the offer before it expires.

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