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Five Great Places to See the Super Bloom in California

Tsunamis of bright orange poppies, shimmering mounds of yellow mustard flowers, vast oases in the sparse desert regions—although the cold still hangs over the state, California wildflowers are about to arrive (and many of them are almost here). Where to look for carpets of flowers, said the publication The mercury news.

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"Because California received more rainfall in the fall and winter, public land managers expect "good" to "better than average" wildflower blooms in the spring, depending on weather conditions, the Parks and Recreation Department said. “Depending on the park, visitors may see colorful California poppies, sand verbena, desert sunflowers, evening primrose or desert lilies.”

Where is the best place to see flowers in the Bay Area? First, if you're heading out to see the flowers this spring, be sure to practice proper etiquette.

“If you get off the trail and trample these flowers before they germinate, that means you won’t see them next year,” explained Christine Perry, senior ranger at the Midpeninsula Regional Open Area.

There are still natural areas here that were turned into mud by wild flower tourism a few years ago, and there is an educational campaign under the slogan #Don'tDoomTheBloom.

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And don't pick flowers. It's rude, against the rules, and has a bad ripple effect.

"Wildflowers can serve a variety of purposes - they attract pollinators and can be food for the endangered species that call these protected areas home," said Alexis Jones, a ranger at Trione-Annadel Park in Sonoma.

Please note that many parks and natural areas were heavily impacted by the storm and may have suffered damage. Always check their websites for current conditions and seasonal closures. And until the rains stop, expect mud - lots and lots of mud.

Mount Tamalpais State Park, Marin

The wooded peak overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge experiences all sorts of blooms in April and May. Expect to see California poppies, purple lupine, narrowleaf mule's ear, purple trithelia, and blue dipterostemon.

Mount Tamalpais always great,” Jones assured. “The Easy Grade Trail is a great option for spotting wildflowers, and the Coast View Trail has great other options.”

Diablo Range, East and South Bays

“Mount Hamilton is one of the best places to see wildflowers in the entire Bay Area,” says Adams. “I would encourage people to visit Mines Road, Mount Hamilton Road and the San Antonio Valley south of Livermore.”

Further north, the geography and shallow soils make it a year-round hotspot for wildflowers.

“You can see 100 to 150 different types of flowers during a season,” Adams said. “And the bloom has already begun.”

Calero County Park, San Jose

Endless waves of mustard blossoms have recently appeared in this park in the foothills of Santa Cruz. Wildflower season here lasts until May and includes nightshade, buttercups, columnae and dahlias.

Enjoy views of the water at the reservoir and then head into the "deep" for a floral journey that experts say will be "breathtaking".

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Coyote Hills Park, Fremont

California poppy and wild radish bloom luxuriantly in early spring, and bright mustard flower beds have attracted the attention of geese. Other vibrant wildflowers you may see in Coyote include silver lupins, seaside heliotropes, and more. If you want to teach children about what pollinates all these flowers, visit the park's "nectar garden" with its butterflies and hummingbirds. Please note that some trails have recently been closed due to flooding.

Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District, San Mateo and Santa Clara County

Covering over 70 acres (000 ha) in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Midpen is a great place to observe the variety and magnificence of wildflowers.

"When the rain subsides and the weather turns warm, Skyline Ridge will be a great spot for spotting wildflowers," County spokesman Ryan McCauley said. There are beautiful views in Monte Bello. Sierra Azul is a great place to see more of the unique wildflowers that grow there due to the high mineral content of the soil.”

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