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Five life hacks for profitable purchases

The most profitable time to buy any product is the moment when the product goes on sale, but finding out when this will happen is not always easy. USA Today compiled a list of rules that will help to buy most things.

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1. Thursday

The most profitable to buy goods in a regular store can be on Thursday afternoon or evening.

“Thursday is an important day for consumers because it is on this day that stores markdown. They're getting ready for the weekend. They know the most shoppers will come on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, ”says Kristen Regine, professor of marketing at Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island.

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2. Holiday weekend

In some cases, shopping is beneficial on Mondays.

“Great deals can be expected on weekends tied to big holidays. This can apply to a wide range of products, but especially to items as expensive as cars,” says Darrin Duber-Smith, senior lecturer in the department of marketing at Denver State University.

“A three-day weekend is always good shopping. This is just a general rule. When one of the three weekends falls on a Monday, stores make great deals because there will be demand for purchases for three days in a row, not two, ”he says.

3. Cleaning assortment

Profitable purchase can be made on the day when retailers liquidate goods and transfer them to the warehouse. Stores are forced to sell off old things before they buy new ones.

According to Dubert-Smith, for example, furniture is usually updated twice a year - in February and August. This means that older furniture models usually go on sale in January and July.

“Inventory is an advantage for all retailers. They are getting rid of some goods at cost or below cost to free up shelf space, ”he says.

Regina says some apparel retailers dispose of things by sorting them by color, rather than by category. Therefore, for example, on sales you can find a lot of blue or purple clothes, if the demand for clothes of this color starts to fall.

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4. At the same time as last year

Some retailers carry out sales at the same time every year. For example, Sephora holds a big sale of cosmetics every May, Old Navy holds a sale in June, and Amazon organizes a Prime Day sale every July.

Other retailers such as Bath & Body Works run semi-annual sales in January and June.

You can find out about these sales by asking sellers about upcoming promotions or keeping old emails from retailers.

Saving the emails can also help you compare current prices with the prices the store offered last year to gauge the value of the deal.

5. App notifications

You do not need to memorize and seek out lucrative offers. You can install applications, for example, Shop It To Me and Krazy Coupon Lady, which will send notifications about the price reduction for the products you need.

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