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Traveling in the USA: how much it costs and how to save money



You can go on a trip to the United States at any time. It remains for the small: to plan the route and expenses, capture friends and go on a trip of your dreams.

However, the United States is a country that requires more time to travel. There are many national parks, various landscapes, diverse culture, music and excellent regional cuisine. Rent a car and travel anywhere. You can drive across the country. Cities in the US are beautiful, but America is most spectacular in the countryside. A car trip through the United States will show you how amazing and cheap this country is. In addition, visit the coast - and you will see everything that have the United States!

Standard costs

Housing. There are not many hostels in the USA. Only cheap hotels and motels can be found on the outskirts of big cities. A place in a hostel costs from $ 25 to $ 40 per night. Cheap motels and hotels, like Motel 6 or Super 8, start at $ 35 per night. They can be found on almost every track. Prices for hotel rooms in cities start at $ 70 per night (in metropolitan areas such as New York - from $ 100). The US is a large country, so prices vary by region. For more detailed information on accommodation, we recommend looking at local guidebooks.

Food. Food in America is very cheap. For a little money, you can eat very well in fast foods and cheap sandwich makers. At a sandwich shop, you pay about $ 5 for food, at fast food restaurants, about $ 6 per meal. Medium-sized restaurants, where you need to order food, will cost about $ 10-15 for lunch or dinner with a drink. Further - only more expensive. In large cities on the coast - very expensive! If you plan to buy food and cook it yourself, plan your costs at $ 50-60 per week.

Transport. The United States is a huge country, which makes travel a little harder. The easiest way to travel is by car. The landscapes of the United States are best seen from the car and on open roads. Driving a car through America is a long-standing tradition that gives you the opportunity to see all the popular places on your way. On the coasts there is a developed bus and rail network (MegaBus, BoltBus and Greyhound) - they are inexpensive and will take you anywhere from $ 1 for a bus ticket. The fastest way to travel is by plane, but it can be expensive. For cheap flights, see JetBlue and Southwest. Amtrak is a rail transportation across the country. Such trips are beautiful and comfortable, but not as cheap as buses. Inside the country, it will be harder for you to find a sufficient number of public transport options.

Entertainment. Given the size of the country and its diversity, the price range is too large to give an exact figure. Information on local entertainment can be found in city-specific guidebooks.

How to save

Use regional buses. In different regions of the United States is best to get on the bus. Ticket prices start at $ 1. As a rule, trains and airplanes are the most expensive means of transport. If possible, rent a car and share the cost of gas with friends. The best companies are Megabus and Bolt Bus.

Use hotel bonuses. Before traveling, get hotel credit cards and use these travel bonuses. They are especially useful in large cities. Please note that most hotels charge for parking - if you are by car, adjust your budget accordingly.

Purchase a pass to the national parks. This pass permits free entry to national parks, so you don’t have to pay at the entrance. The one-time pass price is $ 80. It pays off after visiting four parks.

Cook food. The cost of products in the USA is one of the lowest in developed countries. A grocery cart for a week can cost less than $ 40 - and this is a huge savings. Cook and save!

Search "registration ". Couchsurfing was founded in the United States and free accommodation can compensate for the shortage of hostels. Across the country, you can find a lot of hosts, host travelers at home, who will show you their city and allow you to stay for the night free of charge. It is also a great way to meet new people.

Sit in the campsite. Near all national parks are equipped with cheap campgrounds, so if you have a van or equipment, you can camp when visiting parks. Most campgrounds cost from $ 15 per tent, or more if you park your vehicle nearby. In addition, throughout the country you can find a lot of campgrounds through the company KOA for $ 20-30 per night. Or look at the Camp in My Garden savings website - here you can find camping options for a small fee in the courtyards of local residents.

City tourist cards. City tourist cards allow you to see a large number of attractions (and often allow free travel on public transport) for a single low price, usually in the $ 30-40 range. On such a card, you can visit museums for free, get a discount on attractions and restaurants.

Ridesharing. Ridesharing, or vehicle sharing, is another way to reduce costs. You can offer to bring up people you meet in hostels. You can advertise in Craigslist and Gumtree, as well as in hostels to find yourself traveling companions. This not only dilutes the journey of communication, but also saves your money for gasoline. You can also be someone's companion - use this service to get to the right place.

Stay at the roadside hotels. There are plenty of inexpensive roadside hotels, such as Motel 6 or Super 8. Room rates start at $ 40 per night, but with taxes up to $ 60 can come out. This is a great idea when you are not traveling alone and can share the costs.

Free museums and activities. Ask at tourist centers, search on Google, or ask the hotel or hostel staff for upcoming free events and museums. Many museums offer free admission (or at a discount) on certain days of the week.

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