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The traveler spoke about an unusual trick at the airport that will make the trip easier and cheaper

Travel gimmick: TSA lets you do it, reports Johnny Jet.

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From the veteran traveler John E. DiScala, aka Johnny Jet, these recommendations can save you money and hassle.

The top tip was how to stay hydrated in the air.

“Nobody wants to spend $ 5 on a bottle of water or drink bad-tasting water from a dirty fountain. I often see people trying to steal water bottles through the security system all the time, but they are easy to spot on an X-ray machine, so you can't get away with it, ”says the traveler.

He says that if you really want to bring your own water bottle, then the only way to do so is to freeze it.

If you do decide to freeze water or other liquid, make sure it is actually frozen.

“And I mean, her condition must be rock solid. I would also put it in a separate bin when I go through the check, as it will definitely get checked and you don't want TSA staff to waste precious time sorting through all of your belongings unnecessarily, ”he says.

Another related tip is simply ask the TSA what you can and cannot smuggle through the security system.
“They are great at answering questions via Twitter (@AskTSA) during regular business hours,” he says.

If it's a weekend or late evening, you can download their free MyTSA app and search for what you need.

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“Yesterday (Sunday) I checked it out and tweeted them at 12:32 pm asking, 'Can you smuggle bottles of frozen water through security? - by John E. DiScala. - After 17 minutes, TSA responded with two tweets: “Great question! Frozen water bottles are allowed through the checkpoint. Containers can have a size of more than 85-113 grams each, if the item is completely frozen upon presentation for inspection. "

The traveler adds that he's not even sure if drinking water that's been frozen in a plastic container is good, but I know some people like it because it's cold, refreshing and worthless.

When he travels, he takes an empty, collapsible water bottle with him and, after going through security, refills it at the club lounge or asks for a cup of water at a restaurant on the other side of the security zone.

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“Just don't place the top of your water bottle so that it touches the spout of a fountain or tap. You don't need other people's germs and no one needs yours. When refueling, make sure there is a distance of at least 2-4 centimeters, ”warns the traveler.

He hopes these tricks will help make your travels more enjoyable, interesting and delicious.

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