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Antiviral jeans and clothing for Zoom: fashion inventions of the pandemic era

«RBC Style " talks about the strange, funny and really useful inventions of the fashion industry that appeared during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Wearing masks and gloves, keeping social distance, meeting friends, family, and colleagues at Zoom is our new reality. However, getting used to it, despite the fact that a year has passed since the emergence of the new coronavirus, is still not easy. Global brands, like local manufacturers, are trying to ease the forced exit from the comfort zone with the help of various developments. Some of them are really useful, while others are aimed at raising the mood of the audience and self-promotion.

We talk about antiviral jeans, a sweatshirt that allows you to maintain social distance, and a jacket that can replace a hug. However, we warn you that only a mask, gloves or complete self-isolation can really slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

Jeans with antiviral film


"Bang, and the coronavirus is gone," Dazed described the idea of ​​creating antique jeans. With her in the middle of summer, anticipating the second wave of the pandemic, the brands Warp + Weft and DL1961, specializing in the production of denim products, performed. They turned to textile innovators HeiQ for the brand's Viroblock fluid, which was processed into a new line of pants and overalls during production. As a result, an invisible film formed on the fabric - according to the developers, it reduces the life of viruses from two days to half an hour. In total, due to processing, up to 99,9% of microbes can disappear from the fabric, and the fabric itself can withstand up to 30 gentle washings. At the same time, jeans have a classic appearance and do not give out their technological properties.

Protective helmet


The American company MicroClimate decided that masks are uncomfortable, ugly and already commonplace, creating as an alternative to them a full-size helmet with a transparent screen. At first glance, it looks like part of an astronaut's suit, not at all pretending to be an element of everyday attire. However, the advertising campaign accompanying the release convinces you to wear a helmet only with a dress or business suit. All for protection: inside the headgear there are four HEPA filters that block up to 99,97% of harmful particles, and two fans that prevent the screen from fogging. By the way, it allows others to see your facial expressions, which, according to MicroClimate representatives, is extremely important. In the future, the designers are planning to improve the helmets so that they do not hear the noise of the fans, as well as add a closable opening for eating and drinking.

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LED Panel Mask


The founder of the Lumen Couture brand Chelsea Klukas has solved the problem of reflecting emotions in a mask differently. She has integrated an LED panel into the cotton accessory, on which any lettering, drawing and even an equalizer effect can be displayed. To do this, a message must be created in a special application (it connects to the LED screen via Bluetooth). The panel is removable, which allows you to easily wash the mask. Such foresight, together with a democratic cost, attracted the attention of customers even during the spring lockdown. This helped Lumen Couture channel $ 4500 into a WHO fund that focuses on the prevention and detection of COVID-19 and is also fighting the pandemic.

Sweatshirt with rangefinder


The sweatshirt from the Russian brand Vimade Atelier and the PRT Edelman Affiliate communication agency became a reminder that during the coronavirus pandemic it is important not only to wear personal protective equipment, but also to maintain social distance. It features a rangefinder with an ultrasonic sensor that vibrates and blinks when others are more than 1,5m close to you.This helps in low-traffic areas such as a grocery store, but is distracting on public transport or at a concert. However, a gadget created on a 3D printer and running on batteries can be turned off at any time. Then the high-tech outfit will turn into a cute sweatshirt with a harmless pink button print.

Long-toed shoes


Romanian shoemaker Grigore Lup has figured out how to maintain social distance without resorting to innovation or looking at the floor markings. One day, when he came to the market for seedlings for his garden, he saw a small number of people who nevertheless kept very close to each other. When he returned, he began developing shoes with long toes, the size of which reached 75. “If two people in such shoes met, there would be just 1,5 m between them,” the shoemaker commented on his idea. However, today the number of orders for long-nosed boots barely totals a couple of dozen: for customers, this is not so much help in maintaining a distance as a punishment for violating it.

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Hugging Jacket

H&M has taken care of those who cannot see their loved ones in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. At the request of the Swedish brand, the German tech startup Boltware has developed the Wearable Love jacket, which can create a cuddling sensation. This is due to sensors built into denim and activated using a special application in a smartphone. Each product has its own code that can be shared with loved ones. They will be able to connect to the application at any time and thus hug you from a distance.

Clothing for Zoom Calling

Japanese company EmbodyMe Inc. made life easier for regular Zoom users who have to change from home clothes to business attire in front of video conferences with colleagues. She developed the Xpression camera app, which syncs not only with Zoom, but also with Twitch, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, creating a presentable look with effects. The user can choose any image - be it a jacket and tie or Elon Musk's face, which is animated in real time in accordance with the voice and movements. According to those who have already appreciated the capabilities of the Xpression camera, the application helps to fight the fatigue of endless communication at a distance.

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