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New York Pass: what is the New York Pass and what popular places to visit with it

With a pass New York Pass You will have access to more than 100 attractions in New York. This will also avoid queues in many popular places. Read about these and other benefits of the card in this publication.

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About New York Pass

The New York Pass is your pass to the Big Apple, which will allow you to see more than 100 attractions: various museums and exhibitions, excursions, viewing platforms and much more. It looks like a credit card with a microchip that will be read at every visit.

This card will open your doors to the most popular places of the Big Apple at a bargain price. The cost of the card is fixed and depends on how many days you need it: cards are available for 1-7 or 10 days. A card for one day will cost $ 132 for an adult and $ 99 for a child. A 10-day pass costs $ 329 for an adult and $ 219 for a child.

To better understand the benefits of buying this pass, compare the prices yourself:

  • A visit to the Empire State Building Observatory with a map is free, the regular price without a map is $ 46.
  • Seeing the city from the heights of Top of the Rock with a map is free, and without it costs about $ 41.
  • New York Hop Big Bus excursion - included in the price of the New York Pass, if you buy a ticket separately, it costs $ 55.

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People who especially value their time will appreciate this pass - it makes it possible to avoid queues in some popular places, for example, at the Top of the Rock Observatory and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

How to use the New York Pass

According to information on the New York Pass websiteTo take advantage of the offer, select the validity period of your pass (1, 2, 3, 5, 7 or 10 days). Then download the mobile pass using mobile applications. If you prefer a physical pass, just select the delivery (carried out worldwide for the price of $ 30) or pick it up upon arrival in New York on your own in one of the offices, addresses here.

Your pass is activated when you visit the first attraction and will be valid for several days in a row (not a 24-hour period).

Most of the 100+ rides require no advance booking - you can just climb up, scan your pass and head straight inside. But some of them do require advance booking, all information can be found in the application.

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