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Snowfalls, heavy rains and strong winds: what to expect from the weather ahead of Thanksgiving

Several storm systems across the country line up, creating problems for Americans during travel and flights on Thanksgiving.

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More than 55 millions of travelers are going to overcome 50 or more miles (80 + km) for this year's holiday. These data make this Thanksgiving the second most traveled since they started tracking such statistics in 2000. It yields only to a record level in the 2005 year.

Of course, making a forecast for the week ahead cannot guarantee that everything will be so, but: who is warned is armed.

Forecast for Saturday, November 23

A weak, low-pressure storm system will move across the east on Saturday, while another weak system will affect the northwestern United States.

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Travel Problems: from the north coast of the Gulf of Mexico to the northeast there will be the greatest chance of delays when traveling on the roads and in the air.

Northeast: it will rain on Saturday in the states in the northeast, and in the evening in southern New England. By Saturday evening, light wet snow and frost are expected from the Appalachian Mountains to northern New York, as well as western and northern New England.

South: for the predominant part of the southeast, rains are predicted. Most of the Florida peninsula will remain dry throughout the day, but showers and thunderstorms will begin on Saturday night. Most areas west of the lower Mississippi Valley will not see precipitation.

Midwest: dry weather is expected for most of the region. The exception will be areas of the Ohio Valley, where light ice rain and sleet can fall.

West: in the northwest, rain and mountain snow are expected from Saturday. It’s dry in other places.

Forecast for Sunday, November 24


Low pressure will intensify off the coast of New England, while snow will fall northwest.

Travel Problems: some delays are expected at airports and northeast roads. Snow will create problems at high altitudes in the northwest.

Northeast: a mixture of snow, wet snow and freezing rain is possible in the northeast, in the central and northern parts of New England. Rain is likely to pass closer to the coast. Winds will increase in much of the northeast. By Sunday evening, rainfall will stop.

South: dry weather is expected, with the exception of parts of the Florida peninsula, where there will be rain and thunderstorms. Conditions will improve in Florida by Sunday evening.

Midwest: dry Sunday is expected in most areas, with the exception of light rain or snow off the Canadian border from North Dakota to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

West: rain and snow will spread across the northwest into the northern Rockies. The rest of the west will be dry.

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Forecast for Monday, November 25

The next storm system will pass throughout the west, and atmospheric pressure will increase in the south and east.

Travel problems: Northwest and the Rockies face the highest risk of delays on Monday, mostly on roads. In other places, the effect of weather on travel should be minimal.

Northeast: dry weather is expected in the region.

South: Arid conditions are expected throughout the day in the region, although it will rain in some parts of the lower Mississippi Valley at night.

Midwest: Mostly dry days are expected, but on Monday evening, rain and snow will begin in parts of the Central Plains.

West: snow will pass in the Rocky Mountains and higher points of the northwest, with rains along the northwest coast.

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Forecast for Tuesday, November 26

The details of the forecast are still inaccurate, but some of its aspects are quite clear.

One low pressure system should be located above the Mississippi Valley - with rains and possibly thunderstorms in the south, snow or ice rain in the north.

How strong this low-pressure system is is still unknown. Therefore, it is not clear whether there will be a significant snowstorm or light snow and rain.

The second storm system will bring the first significant rain of this season to Northern California, as well as snow to the mountains.

Forecast for Wednesday, November 27

Thanksgiving Wednesday can be problematic in parts of the east and west.

The Mississippi Valley weather system should arrive northeast on Wednesday, bringing with it rainfall from the northeast to the south.

Strong winds are possible in parts of the Great Lakes and in the northeast. This may affect flights.

In the west, a fairly extensive cold storm is likely to bring rain and relatively low snow to California, as well as parts of the Great Basin and the Rockies.

Rain, possibly heavy, can again flood parts of the deserted southwest, which will delay flights from Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as difficult driving conditions for passes in California and the Great Basin.

The only problem that could cause flight delays in the central part of the country could be low clouds and fog along the northern and western coasts of the Gulf of Mexico.

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Thanksgiving Weather Forecast, November 28

Rain, sometimes even heavy in some areas, with rare thunderstorms, is expected in most of California and the deserted southwest.

Snow will cover the Large Pool and may fall at lower than usual elevations in some parts of California. This can complicate travel, especially along mountain passes.

Showers and thunderstorms are possible in some parts of the Southern Plains. Low clouds and fog can delay flights in Houston or Dallas.

On the Northern Plains, light snowfall, rain with snow or freezing rain is possible.

Fortunately, the greater part of the east the United States will be calm, with the exception of lingering winds in the northeast.

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