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Extend life and reduce weight: a well-known diet surprised scientists

Periodic fasting is much more than just a hobby, writes Fox News.

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A recent study showed that people resorting to new-fangled diets, including intermittent fasting, can extend the years of their lives.

There are several types of interval fasting fasting. Most of them involve either restricting food intake to only an 8-hour window or refusing food for two days a week.

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A new study by scientists at Johns Hopkins University shows that it can help the body improve metabolism. Although many people use the diet just to lose weight, they can get additional benefits.

Professor Mark Mattson, a neuroscientist, has been studying the effects of diet for more than two decades (practicing it for 20 years).

“We are in a transitional phase, when in the near future we should consider adding information on interval fasting to the curriculum of medical schools along with standard tips on healthy eating and exercise,” said Mattson.

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His results, published in the New England Medical Journal, show that starvation can cause “metabolic switching” and evolutionary adaptation. Studies show that in addition to helping with metabolism, fasting is also associated with a decrease in blood pressure, cholesterol and resting heart rate. It can also help control blood sugar, increase resistance to stress, and suppress inflammation.

Of course, interval fasting also has its drawbacks.

“Patients should be told that a feeling of hunger and irritability is common at the initial stage. Usually they disappear after two weeks or a month, as the body and brain adapt to a new habit, "explains Mattson.

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