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The number of school children of illegal immigrants is growing

Group of emotional friends with Photos: depositphotos.comtheir hands raised

Group of emotional friends with Photos: depositphotos.comtheir hands raised

Slightly more than 7% of American children in kindergarten and schoolchildren up to the 12 class have at least one undocumented parent. This is the research center Pew Research.

While the number of illegal immigrants in the United States remains unchanged from 2009, the number of students with one parent living without documents is growing. For example, in 2009, the number of such students was 3,6 million, and now - 3,9 million.

Among these children, 6% were born in the United States and have American citizenship, and a little more than 1% live and study without documents. The number of undocumented schoolchildren has been declining in recent years.

The fate of undocumented families living in the United States has once again become the focus of attention after the November 8 election results. During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to deport millions of illegal immigrants. In a recent interview, he added that he would focus on those who had a criminal past, although one of his team members said that no illegal person would be left without attention, and suggested that everyone leave the country on their own.

If we look at the states, then in Nevada the most children are children, one of whose parents has no documents. They constitute 17,6% of the school population, although the number of immigrants who do not have legal status in the state has decreased by 30 thousand since 2009.

Texas ranks 2 in number (13,4%), and California ranks 3 in number (12,2%).


The numbers have changed over the last 10 anniversaries. In 1995, about 3,2% of students grew up in a family where one of the parents did not have documents. In 2007, this figure rose to 7,2%. The great recession caused a sharp decline, and the numbers dropped to 6,5% in 2008 year.


Earlier, the mayors of the major cities of the United States, who received the name of "cities of refuge" because of the policy of protecting illegal migrants living in their territory, statedthat they will do everything possible to protect illegal immigrants from deportation, despite promises of an elected president.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, around 300 of US settlements have the status of “shelters” for migrants to one degree or another.

Election of the President of the United States passed 8 November. According to popular vote, Clinton won, but Trump was supported by more electors (290 vs. 228).

The electoral college will meet on December 19 for the formal election of the 45 president, and on January 6, Congress will approve its results. The inauguration of the new president is scheduled for January 20 2017.

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