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There were problems before Megan: the most high-profile scandals of the British royal family

The recording of the conversation between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with Oprah Winfrey will see the world on March 7. There are people who believe that the exit of the ducal couple from the royal family will be the last palace scandal. But this is far from the first and, perhaps, not the last sensational story within the royal family. Edition with the BBC told about the most famous.

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Hidden prince

The sixth son of George V and Queen Mary, Prince John, was an epileptic. At that time, no one doubted that a healthy mind can only be in a healthy body, so the sick prince was carefully hidden from the public and believed: if the public finds out about his condition, it will decide that something is wrong with the entire royal family. The boy was "exiled" to the Norfolk Sandringham estate, taking him far away to a small York Cottage. There he died at the age of only 13.

Forsaken Edward, or the First American

Prince Harry is not the first member of the Windsor family to be won over by a divorced American actress. Elizabeth II's uncle, King Edward VIII, even had to abdicate in order to marry his beloved woman. As you can see, times have changed, and Harry did not just marry an American woman - the wedding took place in the very heart of the British monarchy, Windsor Castle.

The abdication of Edward VIII is still considered one of the most serious crises in the history of the royal family.

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Relatives in an insane asylum

Although the Netflix series "Crown" seriously transgressed against the truth, in some ways it more or less adhered to historical events. The mother of the current queen, nee Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, did have nieces with severe mental retardation. In 1941, Nerissa and Katherine were admitted to a special mental retardation clinic in Sarri County.

Their existence was carefully hidden from the public. The fact is that Edward's abdication was considered by many to be a manifestation of mental illness, therefore, mentally retarded relatives could question the health of the entire royal family.

Scandalous marriage

It never occurred to anyone that Princess Elizabeth's marriage to Prince Philip was scandalous. Nevertheless, the bride's parents considered him just that.

Lady Pamela Hicks, daughter of Louis Mountbatten (who was both Philip's uncle and the Queen's second cousin), once shared her memories with Vanity Fair: “They didn't like the idea of ​​becoming their son-in-law at all. Why can't she marry some respectable English duke? "

Yes, Philip belonged to the royal family of Greece, but the Greeks expelled their monarchs, his mother had nervous breakdowns, his father left his family and fled with his mistress, and he grew up in the family of a sister who was married to a man associated with the Nazis. By the way, he had no money either.

Needless to say, the Queen and Prince Philip have been married for almost 74 years. The family's fears were clearly in vain.

Princess Margaret and an affair with a married

The younger sister of the Queen, Princess Margaret, once fell in love with Colonel of the Royal Air Force Peter Townsend, who distinguished himself in the Battle of Britain - he was the first to shoot down a German bomber over the territory of England. He was 15 years older than her, married, although later he divorced.

In theory, Margaret could marry him without the consent of her queen sister after reaching the age of 25. But the British government warned her that in this case she would lose her royal title and corresponding income. Margaret chose family and title.

Princess Margaret and divorce again

After parting with Townsend, Margaret married photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones. The marriage was not particularly happy, and the couple officially divorced in 1978. Curiously, this was the first divorce of a member of the royal family since the time of Henry VIII, who lived in the XNUMXth century.

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Prince Charles, Camilla, Diana

I know everything about this scandal and love triangle. The whole world is still discussing its details.

Charles and Camilla's romance began before their marriage to Diana and resumed even before the prince and princess parted ways, and then divorced.

In the history of this relationship, almost everything was scandalous. Diana knew about her husband's romance with Camilla, but she herself was cheating on him. The biggest scandal was caused by the recordings of personal telephone conversations between Diana and Charles, but not with each other, but with their lovers.

Harry's father

After Diana admitted that she had an affair with James Hewitt, the public began to spread various rumors.

One of them was that Harry was not Charles's son at all, but Hewitt's. Hewitt himself constantly denied these rumors and sympathized with Harry, saying that, they say, this situation was much worse for him. Rumors arose on the basis of the prince's red hair, but it can well be attributed to the hair color of the Spencer family, to which his mother belonged.

Princess Anne and the stable boy

The only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Anne, like her aunt, Princess Margaret, fell in love with a member of the royal entourage, an officer of the Royal Navy, Timothy Lawrence. He took the position of a stable boy.

Anna's marriage to Olympic rider Mark Phillips was extremely unfortunate. Knowledgeable people said that this was not a family, but "a joyless pretense." They divorced in 1992 after 20 years of marriage. After officially informing the public about her divorce, Anna announced that she was marrying Lawrence.

Mark Phillips wasn't a saint either

Captain Mark Phillips was also not a faithful husband. Moreover, he became the father of an illegitimate daughter. Once, when he was still married to Anna, he had a fleeting relationship with a teacher from New Zealand named Heather Tonkin. This adventure did not remain without consequences - Heather gave birth to a daughter, whom she named Felicity. Phillips was said to have persuaded Heather to have an abortion.

Prince Andrew and an Inappropriate Dating

According to a number of unverified reports, Prince Andrew has always been and remains to this day Her Majesty's favorite child. In 1982, he began dating an American woman, Caitlin Stark, and even introduced her to her mother, who had no idea that the girl was filming soft porn.

But the journalists could not ignore this story, and in the British media there were numerous photos of the prince's girlfriend, either simply in an Eve costume or in spicy poses.

Prince Andrew, strange friendship and accusations of intimate relations with a minor

In 2014, 17-year-old Virginia Roberts stated that she was forced to have a sexual relationship with Prince Andrew. According to her, both the prince himself and his friend Jeffrey Epstein treated her like a sex slave. In 2015, by a court decision, the charges against the prince were removed from the court records.

But the story resurfaced after Epstein's conviction and subsequent suicide. Perhaps this story will still have a continuation, but so far the coronavirus has intervened and the world has other concerns.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, Andrew's ex-wife and naughty fingers

Sarah Ferguson married Prince Andrew in 1986. The people rejoiced: the new duchess was spontaneous, cheerful, and the audience liked her wedding dress even more than Diana's.

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But the marriage was short-lived - in 1992, the couple broke up, although they did not divorce. It is possible that they would have returned to life together if the paparazzi had not caught the duchess at a very incriminating moment: she was lying on a sun lounger, and her financial advisor John Brian gently licked her toes.

The royal family promptly pushed Sarah out of their circle, and the prince filed for divorce.

Sarah Ferguson and Ex-Husband Access Pay

After the divorce, Sarah Ferguson had a hard time, because her expenses significantly exceeded her financial capabilities. In May 2010, a journalist posing as a businessman promised her half a million pounds in exchange for “access” to her ex-husband, who at that time “oversaw” the business from the royal family.

To somehow justify herself, the Duchess even took part in the Oprah Winfrey program, in which she said that she was very sorry for what happened, but the alcohol, which she abused at that time, was to blame. The most amazing thing is that Andrew forgave her.

Prince Harry and the Nazi uniform

In 2005, Prince Harry, who at that time was only 20 years old, without thinking, chose a Nazi uniform as a costume for a masquerade party. Public opinion was divided: one half demanded his immediate expulsion from the military academy in Sandhurst, while the other condescendingly believed that the young man had simply committed a rash act.

Prince Harry as he is

In 2012, photographs of a completely naked prince playing strip billiards in Las Vegas circulated around the world: 27-year-old Harry was on vacation before being sent to Afghanistan in the ranks of the British army. He himself later admitted that he had let many people down, and himself, because at that moment he was to a much greater extent a military man on vacation, and to a much lesser extent a prince.

Princess Beatrice and an affair with a convict

In 2006, the eldest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson dated a young man named Paolo Liuzzo, who was found guilty of assault and battery. True, this was before they met. Although the royal family was not enthusiastic about this novel, her mother made an official statement in which she spoke very reasonably: they say, the main thing in relations with children is trust that Beatrice is not devoid of common sense, so we will give her the opportunity to decide for herself, with with whom to communicate.

Last year, Beatrice married the son of Italian tycoon Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi.

As you can see, the Windsor family has already experienced many scandals, so the story of Harry and Megan is unlikely to be the last of them.

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