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About Putin, Ukraine and the unrest of the Americans: what Biden said at the final press conference for the year of his presidency

In honor of the first anniversary of his tenure, US President Joe Biden held a two-hour press conference where he answered questions, and also spoke about what he has achieved during this time, and about plans for the rest of his term. More details about the event told the publication with the BBC.

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Russia and Ukraine

Biden devoted a significant part of the press conference to the threat of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. He said that if this scenario comes true, the consequences would be catastrophic, primarily for the Russian economy.

US President Joe Biden once again warned Russia against invading Ukraine, threatening catastrophic consequences for the Russian economy. At the same time, the White House had to clarify what Biden had in mind when he talked about what the alleged invasion might be.

“Russia will be held accountable if it invades – and it all depends on what it does. It's one thing if it's a limited invasion and we have to decide what to do and what not to do," Biden said. “But if they really do what they can… It would be a disaster for Russia to invade Ukraine.”

Biden warned that the US and its allies are ready to take tough measures that will cause significant damage to Russia and the Russian economy.

After the almost two-hour press conference ended, the White House emphasized that any move by the Russian military on Ukraine would provoke a strong reaction.

“If even any Russian troops cross the border of Ukraine, this will be a renewed invasion, and it will be met with a quick, tough and united response from the United States and allies,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said.

According to her statement, both cyber attacks and "military tactics" will receive a strong response.

Republicans expressed concern about Biden's remarks.

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“Any Russian military intervention in Ukraine should be viewed as a major one because it would destabilize Ukraine,” said Senator Rob Portman.

Now, according to Washington, there are about 100 Russian troops in the border area between Russia and Ukraine.

The Kremlin has repeatedly stated that there will be no invasion. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, who represented Russia at the talks with the United States in Geneva, also spoke about this.

“We do not intend to take any aggressive action. We do not intend to attack, attack or invade Ukraine,” Ryabkov said.

Russia has put forward demands that Ukraine and Georgia never become members of NATO. In addition, Moscow says that they want to use Ukraine as a springboard that threatens the security of the Russian Federation.

At a press conference, Biden said that a new summit with Putin "is still possible." He said he was concerned that the conflict in Ukraine could have wider repercussions and "get out of hand."

According to Biden, Putin demanded guarantees from him on two issues: Ukraine would never join NATO, and strategic and nuclear weapons would never be placed on Ukrainian territory.

“We can come up with something on the second point,” he told reporters.

As for the first point, which NATO categorically rejects, Biden noted that Ukraine has little chance of joining the alliance soon.

According to the head of the White House, Putin is testing Western leaders for strength. At the same time, Biden admitted that NATO allies are not united in how they will have to react in the event of aggression against Ukraine: “There are disagreements in NATO about what countries intend to do, depending on what happens.”

The United States has already prepared a wide package of sanctions in the event of an invasion of Ukraine. Biden said: if it has to be applied, then Russian companies will lose the opportunity to conduct dollar transactions.

Recently the US Department of State allowed Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to send missiles and other American-made weapons to Ukraine. This agreement will allow Estonia to transfer Javelin anti-tank systems, which are already in service with Ukraine, to Kiev, and Stinger anti-aircraft missile systems to Lithuania.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the day before that the increase in tension around Ukraine was caused by the supply of weapons and military maneuvers.

“We see the supply of weapons there, we see various maneuvers, we see the flights of aircraft from NATO and Western European countries. All this just leads to tension around Ukraine,” Peskov is convinced. - We do not exclude the next communication between the two presidents. We believe that in any case, such communication is welcome.”

“But the fact is that the willingness to discuss issues does not extend to those of them that are of fundamental importance to us,” Peskov clarified. “The non-acceptance of Ukraine into NATO in the short term does not mean a refusal to accept Ukraine into the alliance.”

Putin's secretary believes that the threat of sanctions against Russia allegedly "may inspire absolutely false hopes in the hot heads of some representatives of the Ukrainian leadership," who, in his opinion, are capable of "restarting a civil war in their country and trying to solve problems in the southeast by force countries," writes News.Liga.Net.

A year of trials and progress

Biden acknowledged the mistakes his administration made in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, saying, however, that over the past year the Democrats managed to make "tremendous progress" in the development of the American economy, writes "Voice of America".

Biden reminded reporters of the unprecedented pace of job creation, infrastructure improvements and economic growth that he said will help the administration fight inflation and solve supply chain problems.

“It was a year of testing,” Biden said. The president said he "didn't expect" the tough opposition he faced from Republicans in Congress.

“But it was also a year of tremendous progress,” the head of the White House said. “Since I took the oath, we have increased the number of Americans vaccinated from two million to 210 million. We have created six million new jobs, the highest annual job growth ever.”

Black Voter Disappointment

Kristen Welker of NBC News asked Biden about her conversations with his supporters in South Carolina, who told her of their disappointment that Biden didn't push for voting rights legislation early in his term. Deadline.

This question was one of the most difficult asked Biden, because for him it is a purely personal issue. His 2020 campaign kicked off with the backing of South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn and the turnout of black voters in the state.

“The point is that there are factors that cannot be influenced,” Biden said. “They are dictated by events taking place in the country and around the world.”

However, he then added: “Part of the problem is that I haven’t been in society much.”

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Biden suggested that to counter new state voting restrictions without federal reforms, Democrats would have to organize a large turnout in November. Now, many Republican-influenced states have introduced severe restrictions or changed the rules of elections, which can greatly affect minorities and reduce voter turnout.

“No matter how difficult it is for minorities to vote, I think you will find them willing to stand in line and defy attempts to keep them from voting,” Biden said. "You'll see the people they're trying to keep showing up and making the sacrifices that have to be made to make things right."

Republican intransigence

Biden said he was surprised by the level of Republican opposition and that it was different from what Barack Obama faced when Biden was vice president.

In his view, Republicans no longer say what they support, they only speak out about what they are against.

But the 46th president was outraged at the thought that his voting rights speech last week contributed to polarization. Republicans claimed he compared them to Bull Connor, a segregationist from Birmingham.

Philip Wegmann of Real Clear Politics asked Biden if he would consider the 2022 election "illegitimate" if some voting restrictions remain in place and proposed federal voting laws are not passed.

“The increase in the likelihood that elections will be illegitimate is directly proportional to the likelihood that these reforms will not be carried out,” Biden replied.

Suitability for the presidency

James Rosen of Newsmax asked Biden, "Why do you think such large segments of the American electorate have become deeply apprehensive about your cognitive fitness?"

“I have no idea,” the head of the White House replied curtly.


Much of the preparation for the press conference was devoted to the extent to which this would give Biden the opportunity to "reboot" and chart the future course for the coming year after a difficult first year. He tried to do this from the start by talking about the achievements of the administration, but also drawing attention to the weariness and frustration with the ongoing pandemic. His message was that there would be a return to normality: "We have not yet reached it, but we will certainly achieve it."

Asked by CNN's Jeff Zeleny, Biden said he plans to do a lot of things differently, starting with more travel around the country to be able to connect with the public.

"I'll get out more often," he promised.

The head of the White House, among other things, plans to seek advice from more outside experts, even editorial writers. He said he would be "deeply involved" in the interim, including the campaign and fundraising.

What was not mentioned was personnel changes, which is quite common. Biden made it clear that the administration's problem is to reach out to voters so they can hear him.

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