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24 hours of continuous communication with world stars: where and how to watch a marathon

The 24-hour Global Livestream Call for Unification event, featuring Oprah, Julia Roberts and rapper Common, aims to bring people together and make new connections. Writes about this Forbes.

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It may seem that this is just another online party, but this event is much more than a celebrity parade, said Tim Shriver, the organizer of the event.

“People are very fragmented right now, and it can't go on like this,” says Shriver. - When the pandemic began, it was another reminder that we cannot cope if we hate each other. Therefore, we wanted to take advantage of this moment to say: "Now we need each other more than ever."

Shriver believes that the event would be timely if it took place in January or February, but now a little more is urgently needed. "People are dying, and we must all work together to save lives."

Tim was inspired by the man whom he had recently met, and this prompted him to decide to create a "Call for Unification."

“I continued to hear the voice of this student whom I met in Iowa several months ago. He told me: “I’m doing fine, like an ordinary high school student. But when I go out, I think that the world will crush me. This statement sounds again and again in my mind. ”

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As the situation became more and more serious, Shriver thought: “We must turn to people and show them that there are those among us who really care”.

This made Shriver say, “Let's be brave and arrange a full-day meeting where we show people how to make connections, even when we physically cannot be together.”

So, Shriver and his small team of like-minded people gathered more than 200 cultural, spiritual, civic and social leaders who will offer lessons, performances and discussions during this event.

Among the participants are Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, former President George W. Bush, Deepak Chopra, Questlove, Common, Jennifer Garner, Yo-Yo Ma, Martin Luther King III, Alanis Morissette and many others.

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These participants were chosen because they each have an opinion that the organizers believe is worth sharing. “We specifically looked at ideas that allow us to come together. All of these people have something to teach us, ”says Shriver.

He really feels that "the universe asked them to do this, so I had to say yes. It may sound mystical, but I feel that we were truly called to do this. That was my call, and I hope that others will find their call through what we do. ”

With this event, Shriver hopes to create what he calls a “meeting without walls,” and he really wants “people to take something substantial for themselves that they can integrate into their lives, and this will encourage them to turn to others and to help them".

The “Call for Unification” will be broadcast from Friday, May 1, from 20:00 (Eastern time) until Saturday, May 2, until 20:00 in the evening. ET.

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