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Priyanka Chopra talks about how hard it is to be a working immigrant in the USA

A well-known Hollywood actress and model of Indian origin, Priyanka Chopra, said that living in other countries in the United States is very difficult.

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She told about this in an interview with the American Marie Claire.

Born in the Indian city of Jamshedpur, the star admitted that being a working immigrant in the US is “a bit scary”, especially now in light of the tightening of immigration policies by the administration of 45 US President Donald Trump.

“I am a working immigrant myself. I work with UNICEF on issues of refugee children, I see what it means to be out of place. I try to use my position to speak about kindness and compassion. We all must defend the ideas that we consider correct,” the actress noted.

Now Chopra lives in two cities - she has to constantly travel between Mumbai and New York. In the USA she met her fiancé, singer and actor Nick Jonas. The actress admitted that the USA has become her life, and that she loves this country very much.

“I am an Indian citizen, I am here on a visa. America pulled me into her big warm embrace. “I feel great love for America, which has accepted me for so many years,” the actress admitted.

She also noted that many residents of other countries are mistaken about India and its citizens.

“Many of us speak English. In addition, most people associate India only with poverty and spirituality. All this actually exists in the country, but there is also other experience. Each state has different written and spoken languages ​​- it’s like many different countries in one,” Chopra said.

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