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Media claims Trump has stopped reporting negativity about Russia so as not to 'anger him'

US President Donald Trump received less and less information about Russia's threatening behavior towards the United States because he “got angry every time he was told about it,” they write Business Insider и CNN with reference to sources in the US government.

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At the beginning of Trump’s presidency, officials learned to limit their oral briefings on this topic and often saw that their written materials were ignored by the president, said former administration officials who wished to remain anonymous.

“The president has created an environment that discourages, if not prohibits, mentioning any intelligence that portrays Russia in a negative light,” said a former senior official of one of the agencies responsible for national security.

John Ratcliffe, director of national intelligence, and Robert O'Brien, national security adviser, have denied the data.

These statements, however, confirmed the relevance of a recent piece by The News York Times, which says the Taliban received "bonuses" from Russia for killing American troops. Three separate Taliban sources have confirmed these claims to Business Insider.

The Associated Press reported that intelligence officers received data on these transactions between Russia and the Taliban back in 2019 and then informed the president.

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CNN's report on the president’s attitude to Russian intelligence briefings poses a new challenge.

Citing numerous former administration officials, CNN reported that Trump was often “enraged” at the beginning of his presidency over briefings at which he was told about Russian hostile activities, including political interference.

Soon, representatives of the intelligence community "learned not to mention Russia" at briefings for the president, the article says.

In many cases, oral briefings on Russia were generally avoided and the president provided this information in writing. But he often did not read them.

This put officials in a difficult position to find options on how to properly prioritize the delivery of the most important information to the president. A former senior intelligence official said their policy ultimately came down to the principle of “leaving the data until it was needed.”

This led to what a former senior official of the National Security Council called “a self-fulfilling prophecy”: the less Trump heard about Russian activity, the less he believed that Russian President Vladimir Putin could harm the United States.

Ratcliffe said it was "an absolute lie." O'Brien said: intelligence data was “ridiculous,” not reliable enough to pass on to the president.

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CNN's report also matches Trump's well-known respect for Putin. As one former US ambassador to Russia stated, Trump is "always on Putin's side."

Also New York Times published a new material on the "conspiracy" of Russia and the Taliban, which calls the main "mediator" between the two parties. According to the material, it is drug smuggler Rahmat Azizi. Such data was provided to journalists by American and Afghan officials.

The article claims that for several years he transferred money from Russian military intelligence to the Taliban for the killing of the US military.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • US intelligence officials concluded that the Russian military intelligence unit secretly offered rewards Taliban-related militants for the destruction of coalition forces in Afghanistan (including the US military) during peace talks to put an end to the protracted war there.

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