The article has been automatically translated into English by Google Translate from Russian and has not been edited.
Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
Bu məqalə Google Translate servisi vasitəsi ilə avtomatik olaraq rus dilindən azərbaycan dilinə tərcümə olunmuşdur. Bundan sonra mətn redaktə edilməmişdir.

Aliens or spies: the FBI has been checking the solar observatory for a week for no reason

In the state of New Mexico, FBI officers suspended the sunspot observatory located on Mount Sacramento Peak and evacuated all personnel. According to the official version, the observatory was closed due to "security problems", writes CNN.

Photo: NatlSolarObservatory Twitter

The observatory closed the 6 September, and it still does not work. The FBI did not disclose the details and did not name the reasons for the closure, which gives rise to many rumors.

Adds to the mysteriousness of the situation and the fact that the residents of the neighborhood were also forced to evacuate without any explanation.

“We were told there was a legitimate threat and ordered to leave,” evacuee Sean Williams said.

CNN contacted the sheriff's office in the Otero district, but a spokesman said that the office does not cooperate with the FBI and cannot give any explanation.

There are rumors spread on the Internet that aliens or UFOs may be one of the reasons. The observatory is located approximately 137 kilometers southwest of Roswell, where a mysterious object crashed in 1947 that marked the start of UFO conversations.

Another assumption is attributed to the fact that the observatory covers an area of ​​8287 square kilometers - this is the largest territory allocated for military needs in the United States.

It was there that 16 July 1945 was tested the world's first nuclear weapon, writes Газета.ру.

Such a convenient location may be suspicious of possible espionage.

“New Mexico is the center of science related to national security issues, and for this reason the state has been a constant target of interest from the point of view of international espionage,” explained Stephen Aftergood, director of the Federation of American Scientists. “Spies go where the secrets are, and New Mexico is full of them.”

The FBI redirects all requests for comment to the Association of Universities for Astronomy Research (AURA). A message from the organization states that the observatory "will remain closed until further instructions due to ongoing safety issues."

Recall the observatory was built in 1947 year. Initially, its telescope was used by the military, then was transferred to scientists. To date, the observatory is able to receive some of the clearest images of the sun in the world. The data obtained at this observatory is used by scientists all over the world.

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