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Apps and websites to help you save on groceries

Want to minimize your spending at the grocery store? No problem! Saving money on purchases in it is much easier than it might seem at first. Edition The Penny Hoarder made a list of simple and unexpected tips to help you with this.

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9 useful tools and applications

Your phone is a very powerful saving tool - download these applications and see for yourself.

1. Nielsen Consumer Panel: what is in your refrigerator

Want to get rewarded for displaying your grocery catch?

Nielsen can help you with this. This company tracks the ratings of television. Now she is ready to inspect your refrigerator.

Install the Nielsen Consumer Panel, and then use your smartphone to scan the barcodes of the purchased goods. When the data is sent to Nielsen, you will receive gift points. They can then be exchanged for free electronics, household items, toys and more.

2. Chase Freedom Unlimited: Get a $ 150 Bonus

If you do not use a bonus credit card for everyday purchases, then you lose a good cash reward.

Just make sure that you are not too keen on these purchases and the card is paid off at the end of each billing period.

A win-win option is the Chase Freedom card. You will receive an unlimited 1% money back for all your purchases. Provided that you spend $ 500 in the first three months of opening the card, you will receive $ 150 in bonus.

The card also offers a 5% refund in some categories. For example, for one quarter, you can refund 5% of cash for fuel, and the categories change every quarter.

3. Ibotta: get $ 20

Ibotta will pay you in cash for photographing receipts from your grocery store.

How it works? Before heading to the store, find the items in the shopping list in the Ibotta app. When you get home, take a photo of the receipt and scan the barcodes of the goods.

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The application can be downloaded for free. In addition, you will receive a bonus of $ 20 for registration.

4. Ebates: Get a free $ 10 Walmart Gift Card and cashback for all purchases.

Want to get $ 10 for your next trip to Walmart?

Then register on Rakuten. This is a money back site that rewards you whenever you make an online purchase. Using the service, you put a Walmart gift card for $ 10 in your pocket.

To do this:

  • Register at Rakuten.
  • Use the online portal while shopping online at popular stores like Walmart, Amazon, or Target. Make this purchase within 90 days of registration and spend at least $ 25.
  • Expect credits to your Ebates account that you can cash out with your Walmart Gift Card for $ 10.

5. Product barcode scanning for free gift cards

Once you sign up for the Nielsen Consumer Panel, access the NCPMobile app. And every time you unload your products after the next shopping trip, use the application to scan barcodes of goods.

Nielsen rewards you with points that you can exchange for free gift cards, electronics, and household items.

Filing an application for membership in the commission is quite simple. Answer a few basic questions about yourself and your family, and Nielsen will review your application, then contact you when you can join.

6. Phil: Get up to $ 30 off your prescription

Are you running to the local pharmacy of a grocery store because you forgot to pick up your prescription? Next month, save time and money with Phil, a service that delivers your medicines right to your door.

Her staff will even talk with your insurance company to resolve payment problems and renew your prescription.

And as a new customer, you will receive up to $ 30 discounts on your first recipe.

7. Swagbucks: Get $ 5 in cash for online purchases

There’s an easy way to get a $ 5 gift card for your next trip to the grocery store: use the Swagbucks Google Chrome extension on your computer or laptop and save even more when shopping at some of your favorite sites like Amazon and Target.

You will receive a Swagbucks bonus of $ 5 when you earn 2500 SB during the first 60 days after registration. You can cash out the bonus through PayPal.

8. Fetch: Get paid for a photo of your grocery check

Saving money in Fetch Rewards is easy - just take a photo of the check from the store.

To do this:

  • Download the Fetch Rewards App. (Pst: enter the PENNY code and scan your first check to earn 2000 points)
  • Create an account with your email address or through Facebook.
  • Take a picture of your grocery receipt (must be in the last 14 days).

Fetch Rewards finds opportunities for you to receive rewards for your daily purchases.

Now after each scan of the receipt, in which there will be one of more than 250 participating brands, you will earn points.

When you collect enough of them, you can cash a gift card from many stores. For example, 10 points will provide you with a $ 000 Sephora gift card. For 10 points, you will receive a Panera Bread card for $ 3000.

9. Loyalty Applications

Whatever your local grocery store, chances are it has a loyalty app.

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For example, the Aldi app allows you to use weekly coupons, create a shopping list and find the nearest store. Publix works similarly, allowing you to find digital coupons to use when placing an order.

Use these sites to get product coupons.

An easy way to save a ton of money when placing an order is to use coupons.

1. Betty Crocker: up to $ 250 savings

Enter your email address and he will send you coupons worth up to $ 250 to help you get discounts or free canned food, cereals, yogurt at grocery stores.

In addition to coupons, you will receive the best of 15 proven recipes, instructions and much more - right to your mail.

2. Pillsbury: up to $ 250 in coupons

Sign up for the email newsletter to receive up to $ 250 per year in coupons, access to free product samples (limited, one for each member) and the simplest recipes right to your inbox.

Due to the high cost of these coupons, they have limited one set of coupons per person, so if you need more, ask someone from your family to register as well.

3. Portal of free coupons

When it seems to you that you have exhausted all your coupon resources, think again.

Take advantage of exclusive discounts on the Kellogg portal. Here you will find coupons for great deals on cereals, diapers, washing powder and more.

Also use the tool to earn points on other products. Exchange them for gift cards for popular stores like Starbucks, Domino's and Sephora.

Register and answer a few questions to earn 100 bonus points.

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