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Apps and Websites Essential for Post-View Travel

Now that restrictions on COVID-19 are being relaxed for vaccinated tourists in Europe and elsewhere, you might want to consider some international summer travel. But it won't be like it used to be. What has changed and what may be useful to you, the publication said. The Wall Street Journal.

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Depending on where you are going, you will experience sharp price fluctuations, new testing and vaccination rules, even different characteristics of masks.

“You will have another item on your pre-checklist. But the reward is the opportunity to visit some of the most iconic travel destinations with fewer tourists, ”said Scott Keys, founder of price tracking website Scott's Cheap Flights. He says international travel as a whole has declined 60% compared to 2019, although tourism is on the rise in some places.

Apps and websites to help simplify travel in a pandemic era

Check out recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on COVID-19 for your destination. It is recommended that you review each country's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for travel prior to your flight. Currently, the CDC recommends international travel only for fully vaccinated people - those who have had two weeks since their last dose of the vaccine.

Check out the arrival requirements. Google Travel links to official government websites that detail entry requirements. (Go to and find the country of destination.) The Sherpa travel website has a tool that displays entry requirements and restrictions based on your country of origin, final destination and vaccination status. Every detail includes a link to an official source. The Delta Air Lines website has a Discover Map detailing the airline's entry requirements for specific countries, and a Travel Planning Center that lists all international destinations currently open to travel.

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Create digital scanned images. For many destinations, you will need a paper copy of your vaccination card as proof that you are vaccinated to enter the region. But keeping a digital backup is a good idea anyway.

If you have an iPhone, you can use the built-in document scanner in the Notes app. Create a new note, tap the camera icon and select "scan documents". Name the note Covid-19 Vaccine Map so it's easy to find. You can also pin a note to stay at the top of the screen by clicking on the three dots in the right corner.

Microsoft Lens, free for iOS и Android, is a scanning application that can digitize printed or handwritten text.

Walgreens patients can access a copy of their vaccine records on the company's website. If you were vaccinated at Walmart or Sam's Club, you can download Health Pass by Clear (free, iOS and Android) to access your digital recordings. You will need to agree to share your vaccination history with the app from the Walmart website. If you lose your card, contact your state's Immunization Information System (IIS). The CDC lists each state's IIS links on its website.

Search on Google and book directly. “The big secret in the travel world is that there is no single search site that can find the cheapest tickets,” Keyes said.

He uses Google Flights for searching, because it is the "easiest and fastest" way. The site also has a pre-filled link to book directly with the airline, which he says is the best option. If something goes wrong with your flight, it's easier to deal with the airline than with the middleman.

Before paying, double check if you have an unpaid flight voucher from the airline due to a delayed trip due to the pandemic. Many of these loans will expire this year. Keyes says many airlines will give you an extension if you call support and say you're not comfortable traveling yet.

Look for flexible reservations. The decision to abolish international baggage transfer fees is one of the best things about air travel in this pandemic era. Delta, United Airlines and American Airlines will permanently waive charges, excluding Basic Economy fares.

App in the Air (free, iOS and Android) has new filters that allow you to see search results from airlines offering flexible fares, applying face masks, or blocking middle seats.

Hopper (Free, iOS & Android) - A price tracking and booking app may be a better option than direct booking for those who need more flexibility and are willing to pay for it. The app's flexible dates option, which adds 5% to 10% to the booking price, allows you to change the price of your ticket (even if it is a basic economy class ticket) to a new airport, date, time or another airline, within 24 hours before departure. If you are delayed by customs or have other delays, the option to rebook your missed connections will allow you to board the next plane to your destination, regardless of the airline, when you miss your original flight.

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As for hotels, in the hotel search system Google travel and Airbnb there are filters for stays with free cancellation. But beware, some bookings may incur additional charges.

Get Fast Track Registration. Check if your airline has an online check-in process. VeriFly Is a health passport application used by American Airlines, Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia and Japan Airlines. Travelers can upload necessary documents to the app, such as negative COVID-19 test results or vaccination records. An American Airlines spokesman says pre-check-in customers do not need to interact with an agent before boarding the plane.

The United mobile app has a new section, the Travel Prep Center, where people can upload vaccine or test records. Documents are verified through the app and travelers check in immediately.

Find vaccination sites for re-entry. The US currently requires all travelers 2 years of age or older arriving on international flights to test negative for COVID-19, even if they have been vaccinated. On the Google Maps the official testing centers in many megacities are listed; search “Testing for COVID-19 Near Me” to see the results. Delta sells homemade Ellume COVID-19 antigen tests ($ 50) on its website, which can report results to a paired smartphone and meet U.S. reporting requirements. The spokesperson said the kit can be purchased in advance, so passengers won't need to look for a center abroad.

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