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Under what circumstances can you lose the right to receive US citizenship

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The United States of America is a country of law-abiding citizens.

If you, as a permanent resident of the United States, committed a crime or were convicted of a crime in the United States of America, you may have serious problems. You may be expelled from the country, you may be prohibited from returning to the United States of America, if you left the country, you may lose your permanent resident status, and under certain circumstances you may lose the right to receive US citizenship.

The following actions may have serious consequences for you as a permanent resident:

  1. Cheating in order to obtain immigration benefits for yourself or another person;
  2. False statement that you are a US citizen;
  3. Voting in federal or local elections to which only US citizens are allowed;
  4. Addiction to intoxicants or being drunk or using illegal drugs on a permanent basis;
  5. Simultaneous marriage with more than one person;
  6. Refusal to maintain a family or failure to execute a court decision on the payment of alimony for a child or spouse (s);
  7. Arrest for domestic violence (domestic violence, when someone causes physical harm or insults a family member, as well as a violation of a protective order);
  8. Lies or the provision of false documents in order to obtain government benefits or deception of any government departments;
  9. Failure to file tax returns to the tax authorities in accordance with applicable requirements;
  10. Deliberate refusal to register with the Call Service if you are a male of age from 18 to 26;
  11. Assisting other people who are not native or US citizens in illegally entering the territory of the United States of America, even if such person is a close relative or even if you do not get paid for it.

If you have committed a crime or were convicted of a crime, before you apply for the next immigration benefit, you should consult with a knowledgeable immigration lawyer or a legal services organization for immigrants in your place of residence.

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