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'The President will return triumphantly': Trump delivered his first public speech after leaving the White House

45 US President Donald Trump turned the Conference of Conservative Political Action into his first post-presidential rally on Sunday evening, February 28, promising to expel his enemies from the Republican Party and repeatedly hinting at another attempt to run for the White House in 2024. CNN.

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Before Trump closed the annual convention of the Conservatives, a group of ambitious Republicans tried to bolster Trump's message by echoing his frustrations with big technology, the media, and the liberal "cancellation culture" in an effort to build on the "Make America Great Again" base that Trump built.

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley has called for a section of leading tech companies. South Dakota Governor Christy Noem has fought a cultural battle over monuments to the Founding Fathers. Florida Senator Rick Scott has pledged not to oppose Trump-backed candidates in the primaries as chairman of the GOP Senate division. And Texas Senator Ted Cruz said the GOP is "more than just a country club party."

It is noteworthy that at the entrance of the conference visitors, held in Orlando, Florida, guests were greeted by a golden statue of Trump - the 45th President of the United States is depicted in a jacket, slippers, a red tie and shorts in the colors of the American flag.

There was also the real Trump, who in his speech hinted at the nomination in 2024 and decided not to create a separate party of his supporters, so as not to divide the Republicans.

Here are some takeaways from what was said at the conference.

Trump hinted at running in 2024 elections

Trump devoted much of his speech, which lasted more than 90 minutes, to false allegations of electoral fraud.

He has also stated on numerous occasions that he could run for president again in 2024. And he suggested that in the near future, his political attention would be focused on retaliation against 17 Congressional Republicans who voted to impeach or convict in the House of Representatives in the aftermath of the January 6 US Capitol uprising.

Trump named each of these Republicans, last mentioning Wyoming spokeswoman Liz Cheney, whom he described as a "warmonger." He said that all of them should not participate in the 2022 primaries.

“Get rid of them all,” he admonished a conservative audience.

Trump ended his speech by predicting that in the coming years, "the Republican president will triumphantly return to the White House."

“And I wonder who it will be,” he said, hinting at his participation in the 2024 elections. - I wonder who it will be. Who! Who! Who will it be? Interesting".

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Trump wins party poll

The results of the CPAC conference poll for the 2024 GOP nomination were announced on Sunday afternoon, February 28. It turned out that 55% of participants support Trump - this is his first victory in a non-scientific poll. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came in second with 21%, while South Dakota Governor Christy Noem came in third with 4%.

While 97% of those polled said they approve of the work he did as president, about a third of the conservative crowd that volunteered for Trump was not eager to support him in 2024 as a presidential candidate. Only 68% said they want him to run again. Another 15% said they did not want to, and 17% said they were not sure about it.

The CPAC's informal and unscientific poll can be a signal to the party - or rather, a demonstration of organizational strength. Although 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney won four CPAC polls between 2007 and 2012, Trump won none until 2016 when he became president of the United States.

In the second question of the poll, which did not include Trump, DeSantis left far behind other participants with 43% support. Noem came in second with 11%, followed by Donald Trump Jr. with 8%, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Texas Senator Ted Cruz with 7% each. No one else scored 3% in any of the polls. In both polls in which Trump participated and the one in which he was expelled, former Vice President Mike Pence took 1%.

Election results again

Officially, the 2020 elections were fair - although in some states the counting of results was slow, adapting to the influx of ballots sent in the mail amid the pandemic. President Joe Biden passed his opponent. But in Orlando, on the main stage of the CPAC, in offshoots of group discussions and in the crowd, Trump's ideas of fraudulent election were seen as true long before the 45 president himself repeated those remarks during his speech on Sunday night, February 28.

“Electoral fraud was widespread in too many states, especially in large cities ruled by the democratic machine. It's a fact, ”said Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union and organizer of the CPAC, in a discussion a few hours earlier. Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanyu said earlier in the day that Trump is "the current, legitimate and still incumbent President of the United States."

Both statements are not facts, CNN notes.

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Criticism of Biden

Biden's new administration was almost a minor topic during the conversation. The most decisive condemnation from the lips of the president was the characteristic over-estimation of his successor.

“Joe Biden had the most disastrous first month of all presidents in modern history,” Trump said. “The Biden administration has already proven that they are against jobs, against families, against borders, against energy, against women and against science. In just one short month, we went from America First to America Last. "

Trump's attacks on Biden were another violation of the tradition that outgoing presidents remain silent about their successors in the early stages of the new chief executive. Trump’s words are unique in that he was the only major speaker who ever profoundly criticized Biden.

Other speakers at the event criticized Biden as president of a weak, ineffective and left-wing Democratic party. Cruz, for example, referred to "Joe Biden and the radicals in his administration." Although Pompeo followed the foreign policy moves of the Biden administration, several speakers focused on the familiar soil of the culture war.

“Joe Biden and his congressional allies promise to completely destroy the Second Amendment and destroy the promise of freedom and will that America has,” said Wayne Lapierre, director general of the now financially strained National Rifle Association.

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