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President for one term: 10 facts about Vladimir Zelensky

Exitpoles in the presidential elections in Ukraine showed the victory of Vladimir Zelensky. According to their data, the candidate was supported by 73% of voters. RBC collected 10 facts about Zelensky.

1. Vladimir Zelensky 41 year, he was born in Krivoy Rog in the family of a mathematician and engineer. As a child, he spent four years with his parents in Mongolia (his father built a mining and processing plant in Erdenet), but the Mongolian language, by his own admission, knows only fragmentary.

2. At school, Zelensky had various hobbies: he was engaged in weightlifting, ballroom dancing, played the piano. Now he is not engaged in professional sports, but he actively demonstrates in his social networks that he maintains a healthy lifestyle: on Instagram there are photos and videos with morning swimming in the pool, exercises on the horizontal bar and jogging.

3. He received a law degree from the Krivoy Rog Economic Institute, but did not work in his specialty, because he soon got carried away with the stage: in the first games of KVN Zelensky began to participate in high school.

4. Having come to an adult KVN, Zelensky participated in the preparation of dance numbers for the team of the highest league “Zaporozhye - Kryvyi Rih - Transit”. The team "95-th quarter", where Zelensky became the captain, appeared later and played in the league from 1998 to 2003 year.

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5. The team’s independent television career began in Ukraine: they were offered to make a series of concerts with the best numbers, and this turned into the television show “Evening quarter”. Based on this project, “Quarter-95 Studio” was formed, which was engaged in the release of television programs and films. Announcing his presidential nomination in 2019, Zelensky continued his artistic career, began touring the country with performances in which he combined a stand-up and election campaign.

6. Vladimir Zelensky met his wife Elena for a long time, they meet with 17-year-olds. In 2004, their daughter Alexandra was born, and in 2013, the son Kirill. The family is actively involved in the creative career of Vladimir. Elena, in particular, helps with scripting. In addition, she owns a small stake in Zelensky Studio Quarter-95 LLC. Daughter in 2015, she starred with her father in the movie "8 new dates."

7. In accordance with the declaration for 2017 a year, Zelensky owned a residential building with an area of ​​353,5 square meters. m, land area 1,2 thousand square meters. m, several apartments and two parking spaces. He also has a Land Rover Range Rover car. In addition, the declaration includes wristwatches from the brands Breguet, Tag Heuer, Rolex and Bovet.

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8. Engaged Zelensky and business. He owns LLC Kinokvartal, LLC Studio Quarter-95 and shares in a number of other organizations. Zelensky has interests in the food market: he owns 15% in Fish House LLC, which is engaged in the restaurant business.

9. Zelensky's competitor in the second round, Petro Poroshenko, often referred to the artist’s connections with oligarch Igor Kolomoisky and even called him “Kolomoisky’s puppet”. Zelensky commented on it this way: “Some media outlets write about my dependence on Mr. Kolomoisky. They connect it with the fact that I am only (or not only) working on the 1 + 1 channel. Which I, by the way, do not work at - I work in the studio “Quarter-95”, and she sells her product to the channel “1 + 1”. I do not have with him any signatures, agreements, memorandums about the fact that I serve the owner Kolomoisky. He is not my master. I have no master. ”

10. Zelensky during his election campaign promised that he would go only for one presidential term. Shortly before the second round, he said that after five years he would not run away from the country.

How is the transfer of power of the president in Ukraine

  • After the end of voting in the presidential elections in Ukraine, the Central Election Commission sums up the voting results. This should occur no later than three days after receipt of all protocols with data on the results of voting from district election commissions and no later than ten days after the holding of the elections themselves.
  • A candidate is considered elected if he received more than half of the votes of the voters who took part in the voting (if there was a vote in one round), or a candidate who received more votes than his opponent in the second round (if there was a vote in two rounds).
  • The newly elected President of Ukraine takes office no later than 30 days after the official announcement of the election results. He takes the oath to the people at the ceremonial meeting of the Verkhovna Rada. The President of the Constitutional Court takes the oath of the president.
  • The president does not form the government of Ukraine, and the Cabinet does not resign after the presidential elections. All members of the government must approve the Verkhovna Rada.
  • After the election, the president may propose the Verkhovna Rada to appoint a new prime minister. The decision on his resignation takes Rada. A candidate for the new head of government is being introduced by the president to the Verkhovna Rada.
  • The President of Ukraine may also propose his candidates for the posts of ministers of foreign affairs and the Ministry of Defense, as well as candidates for the posts of the head of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Prosecutor General. The remaining members of the government are appointed by the ruling coalition.
  • Elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will be held in the autumn of 2019.

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