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President of Brooklyn: technology will help stop violence with firearms

Eric Adams, president of Brooklyn and a former police captain, believes that violence with the use of firearms can be reduced, if not negated, then with the help of miniature video cameras and other gadgets.

Despite the fact that overall crime in New York continues to fall and the number of murders in the metropolis in 2014 reached a historic low, this cannot be said about the violence with the use of firearms in some parts of New York.

Brooklyn's Crown Heights, East New York, and Flatbush lead the unenviable list of New York City neighborhoods with the most murders. Most often, the victims of criminals are young people aged 15-24 years. Crown Heights has 100 murders per 000 people annually, Flatbush 41,9 and East New York 29,8.

In addition, residents of Crown Heights are most often transported to hospitals with gunshot wounds. In this area, 100 has 000-like hospitalizations per year for 123,8 people, while the average for New York is 36,4.

“We want to convey to firearms manufacturers that it's time to use high technology to stop people mutilating each other,” says Brooklyn President Eric Adams.

Adams, a veteran of the New York police, proposes to introduce new items among law enforcement agencies by launching a pilot program, which can then be expanded.

For example, one of his ideas is to equip a weapon with fingerprint recognition devices. Thus, a pistol or a gun will not work if someone other than the owner, whose program recognizes fingerprints, takes it into their hands. Adams also believes that joining a mini-camcorder to a firearm can be an effective measure.

However, all these innovations need to be tested before introducing weapons into mass production, and to test them best in the work of the police, says the President of Brooklyn.

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