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Crime and harassment: State Department advises to think twice before traveling to the Dominican Republic

Amid a rise in violent crime and sexual harassment, the US State Department on June 6 updated its travel advisory for a popular Caribbean destination, the Dominican Republic. Writes about it Fox News.

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"Second level" recommendations were issued. This means that travelers heading to the Dominican Republic should "exercise extra caution".

"Violent crime, including armed robbery, murder and sexual harassment, is a concern throughout the Dominican Republic," the State Department said in a statement. "The widespread availability of guns, drug use and trafficking, and a weak criminal justice system contribute to high levels of crime."

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The State Department noted that Americans who wish to travel to resorts are likely to be safer as these areas "generally have better security than urban areas like Santo Domingo."

The implementation of the 911 emergency call system in many parts of the country and the tourist police have also made major destinations safer for Americans traveling to the east side of Hispaniola.

The Dominican Republic shares Hispaniola with Haiti, which has experienced some of the most dangerous and harsh living conditions in the Western Hemisphere in recent years.

Banditry has skyrocketed in Haiti as poverty and corruption have run rampant since the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in 2021.

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While the State Department has issued a strong Level 4 “do not travel” advisory for Haiti, the Dominican Republic has the same alert level as other popular travel destinations such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the Bahamas.

If Americans decide to travel to the most popular destination in the Caribbean in the coming months, State Department officials are advising them to be aware of their surroundings and not show signs of wealth by wearing expensive jewelry or watches.

The department warned, among other things, against physical resistance to any attempted robbery and compliance with local safety regulations.

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