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Rules for children in the school bus and car

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Most children in the US spend some time every day on the school bus or car.

These types of transport imply the observance of a number of rules in order to ensure that movement within them is safe.

Edition Kids Health compiled a list of such rules.

Safety belt

It does not matter with whom, where and at what speed the child goes. The seatbelt must always be fastened, even if the ride takes 5-10 minutes. Therefore, teach the child to ensure that the first thing, sitting in the car, he buckled.

Some belts need adjustment. With proper placement of the belt, its lower part goes to the lower abdomen, and the upper one - obliquely over the shoulder and abdomen (not on the neck or face and not at hand).

Explain to the child that a trip in the car of relatives or friends is not a reason to break this rule. Even if a friend or his parents do not do this, it is worth all the same to buckle up. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize separately that it is also very dangerous to fasten together with one belt.

Child seat

Depending on the height of the child, he may need a child seat, which will ensure the correct fit for a seat belt.

Child seats should be used for children shorter than 140 cm or until they reach the weight or height specified in the instructions for your child seat — this usually occurs between the ages of 8 and 12 years.

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Children under the age of 12 must ride in the back seat of the car exclusively, because this is the safest place - moreover, the airbags will not harm them in case of an accident. At the same time, again, do not forget about seat belts.


A child should never sit in the front seat of a car that has airbags: since they were designed to protect passengers of a certain height and weight, they can harm children younger than 12 years.

If the situation is such that the child must ride in the front seat, move the seat as far back as possible to minimize the risk of physical damage that the airbag can inflict on the child, and in no case forget rule No.1 - the seat belt must be fastened.


Waiting for the bus you need to line up in a queue, the beginning of which is located a few meters from the roadway. Before you get on the bus, you need to wait for it to stop completely and open the doors. It is necessary to teach the child to follow the instructions of the driver inside the bus.

Safety rules on the bus

If the bus has seat belts, they must be fastened, as in the car. Explain to the child that it is impossible to run, jump or throw something on the bus - this may distract the driver.

Bypassing the bus must be in front, not behind, so that the driver sees the child. Explain to the children that if they dropped something under the bus, before getting it, it is necessary to warn the driver, because he may not notice the child under the bus.

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