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The rights of air passengers: what to do if they try to remove you from the flight

Фото: Depositphotos

Фото: Depositphotos

Flight Scandal United AirlinesWhen the passenger was forcibly taken out of the plane after landing, made those who fly often worry: what if next time I find myself in a similar situation?

In fact, passengers have a number of rights in the case when they are obliged to leave the plane, especially if the reason for this was the oversale of tickets, for which the airline is responsible. ForumDaily prepared an explanation of what rights an airline passenger has in such cases, and together with Elena Belokon, company founder Flightbucks и an expert in the field of air travel, figured out the nuances.

The Department of Transport has developed federal regulations that regulate how airlines should act if they need to remove a passenger from a flight because the company has sold more tickets than seats in the aircraft. But airline personnel do not always adhere to these requirements, so a passenger should know them, the newspaper writes Team and leads a set of basic rules.

How should the airline act

1. She must find volunteers. Before forcibly disembarking passengers from a flight, the airline must ask passengers to give up their seats voluntarily - for compensation. Such offers can be very tempting, but the passenger can choose to leave the flight and refuse any compensation if he deems it appropriate.

If the airline cannot find enough volunteers, it may begin to force passengers to leave the flight.

“It should be noted here that many passengers receive compensation, in 2 or 3 times the cost of their ticket. Some passengers specifically book flights that are usually overcrowded in the hope that they will be given the opportunity to take advantage of such an opportunity. Of course, if you are flying to an important meeting at work, then this option is not for you,” says Elena Belokon.

2. The airline must clarify your rights. This should be a written statement explaining why you are faced with the requirement to leave the flight, as well as indicating your right to compensation.

3. The airline must rebook you onto another flight—and pay you—if your trip is significantly delayed. If you leave the flight against your own will and, using an alternative route, arrive at your final destination 2 hours later (for international flights - 4 hours later), then the airline must pay compensation up to $1350.

“This information is correct for departures from the United States. Other countries have their own laws. Our company, in particular, specializes in Europe. According to the laws of Europe, if you are denied boarding, the airline must pay 600 euros. Also, according to the law, on European flights, passengers are entitled to compensation in case their flight canceled or delayed by the airline. This is a much less known fact, but a more common situation. Detailed information you can find on our website.«.

4. You can ask to pay you compensation in cash, not a voucher for a trip. Compensation must be paid to you directly at the airport immediately after the flight is canceled in the form of a voucher with a discount on the flight or check. If this does not happen, collect all documents and information and contact the court.

Exceptions to the rules

These rules have some limitations. Compensation is mandatory only when forced landing. If you accept the offer to transfer to another flight voluntarily, compensation may not follow.

Also, if the alternative flight that was transplanted to you reaches the final destination in less than an hour from the scheduled arrival time of the original flight, the Department of Transport does not require any compensation from the airline.

In addition, if the airline drops you off for any other reason than rebooking (transferring a flight to a smaller plane, disembarking a passenger because of weight, canceling or transferring a flight), compensation is also not a question.

Фото: Depositphotos

Фото: Depositphotos

You can be punished for disputes with the crew

One more thing to consider: if you are asked to leave the plane, calmly fulfill the request, collect your compensation and fly another flight.

Federal aviation regulations state that "no one can attack, threaten, intimidate, or interfere with the work of crew members in the performance of their duties on board an aircraft in operation."

This means that disputes with them or aggressive behavior in response to a request to leave the plane can be regarded as an attempt to hinder their work, and this is punishable by a fine of $ 25 thousand, and the Department of Transport in most of these disputes takes the side of the airline.

Situation in United Airlines April 9 was very unusual - passengers are extremely rarely asked to transfer to another flight after boarding the plane, usually this happens during check-in.

"As often happens, not all facts were published in the press, explains Elena Belokon. - The situation is truly unusual. Typically, an oversale is known before passengers even board the plane. In this case, several airline pilots approached at the last minute asking to be put on the flight to prevent the cancellation of a flight full of passengers from Louisville. Doctor Dao was asked to leave the plane, after which he ran back without a boarding pass. Crew Republic Airlines (note that only the aircraft livery was United) asked him to go out. When he refused, it was necessary to call the police. ”

How to avoid a transplant

If you want to avoid a transfer to another flight, check in to participate in the airline loyalty program, as carriers are more likely to be diverted to other flights of irregular passengers. Federal rules allow airlines to set their own “landing priorities” in cases of over-booking.

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