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Lost baggage or things at the airport: where to run and what to do

Traveling is a stressful and sometimes very difficult event, given the delay or postponement of flights, connecting flights and the massive influx of travelers on holidays or holidays. It's no secret that people tend to forget a lot of things at checkpoints.

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According to TSA estimates, between 90 and 000 pieces of luggage remain at checkpoints every month, that is, more than a million pieces per year!

On the subject: What is done with forgotten air bag in the USA

Here's what DCA's TSA Lost and Found Office looks like.

Photo: Instagram screenshot /TSA

Lost and found items are usually stored for 30 days and, if they are not claimed, either destroyed, or transferred to the state agency as excess property, or sold by TSA as excess property. Money from the sale of all lost and found items goes to the US Department of the Treasury and to the general fund used to pay the US government debt.

In a number of places, lost and found items are transferred to the airport at the end of each day.

Photo: Instagram screenshot /TSA

If you lost something at the TSA checkpoint or if there are no items in your checked baggage, go to the website TSA.

Enter the name of the airport here, and you will see available contacts or an online form, by filling in which you can declare your loss.

Photo: site screenshot

You can also refer to @AskTSA в on Facebook и Twitter 365 days per year.

Photo: Instagram screenshot /TSA

For items left in other areas of the airport, please contact the airport. TSA works with private companies that specialize in reuniting owners and their property.

As for electronics, passengers are advised to post their contact details on the outside of electronic devices, such as laptops, in case the item is lost. The TSA will make every effort to reunite passengers with their belongings.

The memory of unclaimed electronics for 30 days will be destroyed, for example, they will clean the laptop hard drive, or completely destroy information to protect personal data.

On the subject: Errors of passengers, due to which luggage is lost

Passengers can return to the airport to pick up their goods, or they can authorize someone to do so in writing. Goods are sent back to the owner at the owner’s expense. In order to receive a lost item, you must describe it, indicate when it was lost, the color or any information that identifies the item, to make sure that it is reunited with its rightful owner.

If you wrote an application for the loss of baggage or item, you will have to wait up to six months until it is considered.

All allegations are thoroughly investigated, and the TSA is the final decision to approve the claim. If your application is approved, you will receive a letter and a form to fill out regarding the settlement agreement and / or payment methods. You can check status your application at any time.

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