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The most successful Ukrainian woman in Hollywood: what connects a Kiev woman with Al Pacino, De Niro and Jolie

A special screening of the film Let It Snow took place at the 49th Molodist International Festival. The main role was played by Ivanna Sakhno, who is called “the most successful Ukrainian woman in Hollywood”. The actress attended the film festival as a star guest and also as a member of the jury of an international competition. Writes about it Hromadske.

Who is Ivanna Sakhno

The girl was born in Kiev into a family of filmmakers. Mom is a director, dad is a cameraman. Since childhood, Ivanna studied ballet, figure skating, painting, but dreamed of becoming a taxi driver. Everything was changed by the tape "Amelie". The future star watched a French romantic comedy and decided to become an actress. And a year later she got her first role - in the Ukrainian sitcom "Lesya + Roma". Then the girl was only 9 years old.

At the age of 15, Ivanna and her parents moved to Los Angeles (California), where she entered the Lee Strasberg Institute of Theater and Film. Al Pacino, Robert de Niro and Angelina Jolie were graduates of this school at one time. Ivanna studied diligently, improved her English and constantly went to auditions. Literally after several not too noticeable projects, the Ukrainian woman played in two blockbusters at once: the sequel to the film "Pacific Rim" and the adventure comedy "The Spy Who Dumped Me". These works became a real breakthrough for the actress. Ivanna played the main role in the film of the Ukrainian director - the thriller Let It Snow was shown at the Molodist festival, and in winter it will be widely released.

What is the movie about

A couple of snowboarders in love come to Georgia to ski on one of the slopes. Despite warnings about the place's ominous reputation, the heroes still go for a drive. And the couple's plans are spoiled by a mysterious pursuer on a snowmobile.

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They began to actively talk about the full-length debut of the Ukrainian Stanislav Kapralov when the rights to show the tape were bought by the largest American distributor Lionsgate. The film was originally intended only for the American audience, this was the reason for the choice of the genre.

An intense horror thriller seemed like the best idea for a US debut, and a simple story should have been understandable for moviegoers in any country. Judging by the reaction of world distributors, the creators of Let It Snow were not mistaken with their choice of genre. By the way, Ivanna herself does not like watching horror films too much, but playing them is completely different. For an actress, this is an opportunity to test herself.

We shot Let It Snow for about a month high in the mountains, the process was tiring both physically and mentally. Before filming began, Ivanna trained in the gym and learned how to snowboard. She performed many scenes in the film without an understudy - she ran up to her waist in the snow, plunged into ice water. Due to changes in pressure and temperature, blood often came from the nose, and once the actress fainted right in the frame. But she bravely finished the scene, just woke up.

Sakhno and Hollywood

The first experience of intensive preparation for the role of Ivanna received while working on the sequel to the blockbuster "Pacific Rim". The actress had a personal nutritionist and fitness trainer - taking off in heavy suits required very good physical shape. Before filming "The Spy Who Dumped Me," the actress was engaged in boxing and gymnastics. Ivanna considers the preparation process one of the most interesting in the cinema, because it is always a challenge, as well as an opportunity to polish the image of the heroine - both internal and physical.

Although her roles in blockbusters brought popularity to the Ukrainian woman, she admits that she is now more interested in independent cinema, and also wants to try her hand at comedy. Although the Ukrainian does not dream of a specific role, Ivanna is open to experiments. The three pillars of a successful career are called focus, the ability to defend your opinion and constant work on yourself.

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In Hollywood, Ukrainian women had no connections, they had to achieve everything on their own. Before moving, Ivanna did not know English, she studied it already on the spot. To improve the accent, the agents advised the girl to exclude communication in Ukrainian - Ivanka had to move from her parents, and to communicate in her native language only in instant messengers.

Sakhno is a rare guest at social events, because he does not believe that they can contribute to a career. She considers constant casting and the opportunity to demonstrate herself on the site to be the key to success. The actress can afford to refuse the director's offer - she does not want to play the same role or become a hostage of a not very attractive "Slavic" image. Part of his mission is to change the representation of Ukrainians in Hollywood.

“I want to bring authentic Ukrainian stories to world cinema,” says the actress.

Sakhno and Ukraine

During the Revolution of Dignity, Ivanna with the Ukrainian diaspora went to rallies in support of Ukraine. On the red carpet at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, the actress appeared with the Free Sentsov sign.

Ivanna Sakhno wears clothes of Ukrainian designers, regularly comes to Kiev, and the girl's favorite dishes are borscht and dumplings. Now the actress lives in New York and is very happy that the city reminds her of the Ukrainian capital.

There are few opportunities to watch modern Ukrainian cinema in the USA, and Ivanna tries to follow the premieres. Among the directors, he singles out Valentina Vasyanovich ("Black Level", "Atlantis"), from Nariman Aliyev's tapes-drama "Home". And also the actress is intrigued by the reviews and is looking for opportunities to watch "My Thoughts Are Quiet" by Antonio Lukic.

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