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'Shame Ukrainians and Jews': what role did the KGB play in the fate of the concentration camp guard, about whom Netflix directed the series

The news that the American company Netflix released a documentary series about a native of Ukraine Ivan Demyaniuk, a former guard of the Nazi death camp who was accused of killing more than 28 000 prisoners, again drew attention to his biography.

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The question is whether he is guilty, is the person who committed the crimes mentioned, still open, notes Air force. The trial lasted more than three decades and ended in 2012 year due to the death of Demjanjuk.

After the war, he ended up in West Germany, from where he emigrated to the United States in 1952 and received citizenship there. Over the last 35 years of his life, he has gone through trials in three countries. He was deprived of citizenship, sentenced to death, acquitted, then again tried. All this time, the debate about whether he is guilty or not has not subsided.

What does the KGB have to do with it?

The situation remained uncertain due to the diametrically different assessment of the evidence of whether he was the sadistic guard of the Nazi Treblinka camp, nicknamed Ivan the Terrible: some courts recognized the prosecution documents as genuine, others as falsification.

Doubts about some documents were among the employees of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. Back in the 1985 year, they had a suspicion that the Nazi identity card Demyanjuk - not the main proof of his guilt - "it is very likely that he was fabricated" by the KGB.

Despite this, the FBI did not announce its doubts for more than 25 years: for the first time they became known in 2011.

In this context, you should carefully look at the document, which is stored in the Branch State Archive of the Security Service of Ukraine.

We are talking about the "Information Message" under the heading "Secret", sent to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine on February 13 1981 with the signature of the Chairman of the KGB of the Ukrainian SSR General Vitaly Fedorchuk.

The red stamp on the first page reminds readers in the Central Committee: "To be returned." This document was declassified in August 2013.

Judging by the reviews of those who have already watched the Netflix series, its authors are not up to date with the message of the main "KGB officer" of Soviet Ukraine.

On the subject: 'Sadist', 'executioner', 'Nazi criminal': a series about a Ukrainian who served in death camps appeared on Netflix

"Activities to discredit the OUN members"

The corresponding section of the “Information Report” has an eloquent title: “On measures to discredit the OUN members - former war criminals” (OUN - Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists).

First, Fedorchuk announced, "that in the United States, under pressure from public opinion, judicial review of the cases of members of the OUN and former Nazi minions who settled in the United States was conducted."

It seems that the root cause of the trial was precisely the pressure of public opinion.

But no. As it turns out, “the KGB of the republic collected and handed over documentary materials about their bloody crimes during the Second World War to the American authorities, as well as to the media.”

Please note: the materials were not transferred officially, that is, publicly and legally, but "through the capabilities of the KGB of the USSR." Actually, through Soviet agents in the United States.

That is, the USSR did not want to demonstrate its interest in this matter and portrayed an outside observer.

Obviously, a “particularly trusting relationship” developed in the KGB with Michael Ganusyak, a Ukrainian who was born in the United States.

It is known that it was he who, on his own initiative, allegedly drafted and printed in the newspaper Ukrainian News, which he edited, a list of Ukrainians in America, former Nazi criminals - several names.

It is less known that the US Communist Party, whose active leader was Ganusyak (according to some reports, even a member of the Central Committee), was financed from Moscow.

The person involved in the list printed by Ganusyak was also Ivan Demyaniuk.

“Drive a wedge between Ukrainians and Jews”

Fedorchuk informs that the US Department of Justice has opened a case of deprivation of citizenship and deportation against Demianyuk, which was considered by the Cleveland court.

General Demyanjuk general provided a brief reference.

“During the war,” the statement said, “he deserted from the Soviet Army, voluntarily enlisted in the SS troops, served as a security guard in the Nazi death camps Sobibor, Treblinka (Poland) and Flossenburg (Germany), was directly involved in the mass destruction of prisoners including people of Jewish nationality. the prosecution says that he concealed the fact of participation in the crimes of the Nazis against the population of the Soviet Union and Poland at the entrance to the USA. ”

Fedorchuk does not hide why his department is actively involved in this story. The first goal is “further compromise of the OUN”.

The second goal: to quarrel emigrant circles, in particular to drive a wedge between Ukrainians and Jews (in the terminology of the KGB, between the "OUN" and "Zionists").

On the subject: Poland accused Netflix of 'rewriting history' because of series about Ukrainian concentration camp guard

Incidentally, such an intention of the USSR was “deciphered” immediately by Valentin Moroz, a dissident and prisoner of Mordovian camps, whom 1979, along with four other dissidents, exchanged for two Soviet spies imprisoned in the United States.

Frost was a participant in a protest rally held on February 10 1981 in front of the Cleveland Courthouse. He explained to a newspaper correspondent that "the trial of Demyanjuk was inspired by the Soviet Union to incite hostility between Jews and Ukrainians."

On 15 on April 1981, the chairman of the KGB of the Ukrainian SSR reported the news: a court decision is expected to deprive Demyanjuk of US citizenship and deport him to Poland or Germany. And he assured that his department would continue to work “to discredit the OUN members before the public of the Western countries and to counteract their blocking with the Zionists”.

For several months, Fedorchuk informed the Central Committee that on June 23, the Cleveland District Court decided to deprive Demyanuk of US citizenship and deport him from the country.

What does this mean?

The cited “signals” of the main “KGB officer” of the Ukrainian SSR to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine do not mean at all that all the evidence against Demyanjuk was fabricated by the KGB. The issue of authenticity must be studied by specialists and they must also evaluate the pros and cons.

But the cited informational messages indicate that it was not the KGB of the USSR that dealt with the issue of Demyanjuk, as was previously thought, but the KGB of the Ukrainian SSR — Fedorchuk repeatedly emphasizes this circumstance.

That is, the corresponding case should be stored in Kiev, and not in Moscow.

Perhaps when it is found, it will be possible to determine exactly which documents on Demyanjuk were (were not) falsified.

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