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Consequences of a hacker attack: how to get 125 dollars from Equifax

Equifax, the US credit history bureau, which in 2017 suffered from hacking hackers and lost 147 million customer data, begins to pay compensation to victims, writes The Verge.

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Victims can file a class action lawsuit for the collection of 700 million dollars, the amount includes 380 500 000 dollars of restitution.

On the subject: What to do if your data was stolen by hackers from Equifax

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has published a link to the site where you can check whether your data has been stolen and a form where you can leave a claim for compensation. Link to the site here.

To check whether you are entitled to compensation, you must enter your last name and the last six digits of the social security number.

If you are among the victims, you will see the message "our data says that your personal information has been affected by this incident." From there you can return to the main page and submit an application.

It’s easy to apply for a refund — you can do it online or print a form, fill it in and mail it.

You must provide biographical information in the form, for example, where you live and when you were born. You can then ask to send 125 dollars to a check, prepaid card, or to one of the three free credit monitoring bureaus. After completing the application you will need to go through credit monitoring and go through it for another six months after the application is submitted.

On the subject: How to protect your personal data for free

Free credit monitoring services, for example, are provided by the company Credit Karma from TransUnion. Similar free services are offered by the Intuit Mint budget planning service. There are also paid services such as Identity Guard and MyFICO.

In addition, if you spend time dealing with any problems related to data theft or credit fraud due to a hacker attack, you can file a claim for compensation up to 500 dollars. You will need to submit documents confirming the fact of the struggle. If you have documents and necessary confirmations, after filling out the application you will receive a claim number, which must be saved on a computer in PDF format. This form is required in case you are asked to confirm the existence of a claim at one of the stages of the consideration of the claim. Satisfying this type of claim will last until January 22 2020.

Before 19 November 2019, you must be sent a waiver claim in case you conduct your own lawsuit against Equifax. The final hearing in all cases against Equifax is scheduled for December 19 2019.

  • Recall, in September 2017, the Equifax US credit bureaus reported stealing personal data 143 million Americans. This means that approximately 44% of US residents have stolen personal information on cards or driver's license numbers and other types of personal identification. Among the victims are residents of Canada and the UK.


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