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Last warning: the airline will issue yellow cards to unmasked passengers

Alaska Airlines will issue yellow cards (similar to those used by a football referee) to passengers who refuse to wear a face shield. The card is a warning that these people may be prohibited from further flights with the airline if the rules are not followed, writes Paddle Your Own Kanoo.

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The yellow card issued by flight attendants is the last warning that passengers will receive before sending a report with their name, which can be added to the list of passengers not allowed on board the aircraft.

Before receiving a yellow card, passengers will be given several opportunities to comply with the rules, and they will already receive several verbal warnings from cabin crew. And in connection with the new change, which entered into force on Tuesday, June 30, passengers will need to sign a declaration before boarding that they agree to wear a face mask or other face covering during the flight.

The new measures took effect just a couple of weeks after Alaska joined other major US airlines to announce enhanced protection in the form of face masks, including a ban on repeated violation of the rule. On the airline’s blog, representatives explained that these changes were necessary as some passengers continued to ignore the rules.

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“Our flight crews face times where some travelers ignore or disobey our mask requirements. This creates tension and anxiety for many of our passengers using the protection. Thus, a change is necessary, ”the airline explained.

“Starting in July, our flight attendants will be able to issue a final notice to any guest who repeatedly refuses to wear a mask or face cover on board our aircraft,” the message said. - With this warning (in the form of a yellow card presented), the guest's travel with our airline will be reviewed and may be temporarily suspended. This decision was not easy. But working together we do more for the common good. ”

The yellow card is similar to a reminder card provided by United Airlines flight attendants when other attempts to convince a passenger to abide by the mandatory rule of wearing a mask were unsuccessful.

Alaska says the face mask policy is just one of a hundred different measures the company has taken over the past couple of months to protect passengers from the coronavirus. Flights will continue to be 65% capacity limited until July 31 to provide passengers with some form of social distancing - a stark contrast to American Airlines and United Airlines, which will now sell tickets for all flights with the maximum capacity.

A Seattle-based airline said face masks will be available to any passenger who does not have their own, some exceptions to this rule include passengers under the age of 2 years, as well as people with certain medical conditions.

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In late June, Alaska joined the coalition of major US airlines, urging the TSA to introduce mandatory temperature checks at airports throughout the United States. Until now, the aviation authorities have refused to engage in debates about protection measures against COVID-19, including rules for wearing masks or guidelines for social distance.

In the U.S. airline coronavirus Special Projects protective masks

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