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After the collapse of a house in Florida, cracks appeared on a nearby building

In a nearby building in the same complex as a destroyed Florida apartment building, new cracks have appeared in the parking lot, but experts say residents are safe despite a voluntary evacuation. Writes about it New York Post.

Screenshot: YouTube / TODAY

Photos taken by a resident of Champlain Towers East show a large chunk of concrete chipping off a pillar in a garage - damage that local news outlets reported was not visible until the building collapsed.

“I'm afraid there might be some kind of problem in our building that could lead to what we saw at Champlain Towers South,” said local resident Robert Lisman.

But civil engineer Allin Kilsheimer found the damage was harmless, saying that in both buildings akin to the destroyed condominium, "there was no visible evidence of any major structural problems."

Only two people asked to be moved out of the building.

Rescue and recovery work continues at the 12-story building, where it was confirmed that 11 people were killed and 150 were missing. But while emergency teams hoped to rescue survivors from the air pockets in tons of debris, local officials and high-rise residents feared a repeat of this in other buildings in the coastal region.

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Particular attention is paid to Towers East and North East in the same complex in Surfside. North East and Towers South were completed in 1981, while Towers East was completed 13 years later.

The city requires buildings to be recertified every 40 years. Towers East will require several large scale renovation projects.

During an emergency meeting of the City Commission on Friday, June 25, Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett said there should have been signs that the building was on the brink of disaster.

“This building was in serious trouble,” Burkett said. "There must have been signs that this building was in trouble long before yesterday."

But after the tragedy, it turned out that there were signs that the infrastructure of the building was breaking down.

A letter from the president of the South Building Condominium Association warned of concrete and rust damage, as well as significant roof damage.

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“Much of this work could have been accomplished over the years,” says Jean Vodnitsky's letter. "But that's where we are now."

The 40-year recertification requirement is reportedly subject to change following a building collapse.

James McGuinness, a senior construction official, said the collapse could change buildings' requirements forever.

“Just as Hurricane Andrew changed Florida's building codes forever, this terrible tragedy, which is a national tragedy, will change building codes and regulations for the certification of all existing buildings,” McGuinness said.

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