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Popular products that are most profitable to buy from December to February

Believe it or not, there is a good time of year to shop for pretty much everything from electronics to clothing. By following sales trends, you can get big discounts and significant savings, writes GOBankingRates.

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During the ongoing pandemic, shopping looks very different than in years past. From markings for social distancing in stores to outside queues at the entrance, the way of shopping has changed markedly.

However, one thing is for sure: retailers still want to make money. Here are several product categories that will sell at great prices from December to February.


The Super Bowl is held in the USA every February. In honor of this event, in the weeks leading up to the big final game - and especially the week leading up to it - you can save a lot on your TV purchase.

Traditionally, 40-60-inch TVs have been in the spotlight ahead of the Super Bowl in the past few years. However, in January of last year, the best discounts were offered on 4K TV models ranging from 65 to 80 inches, as this was the first year the Super Bowl was introduced for viewing in the 4K category.

Start monitoring offers in January to find the best ones. But be prepared for possible restrictions if the disease situation worsens. You may have to make an appointment ahead of time to shop or wait in line on the street if the store reaches its quarantine capacity limit.


At the end of the year, you can get great discounts on new cars, depending on whether dealers meet their annual sales targets. Achieving these goals can mean a lucrative bonus for the dealer, so he may be willing to chuck thousands of dollars off the price of the vehicle that interests you.

For even more lucrative deals, take a look at the new cars that go on sale in 2021. Dealers will generally be looking to sell old stock to make room for newer models.

Many car dealerships also offer virtual tours and online shopping. If you want to take a test drive, your dealer may offer a ride to your home for a few hours. Or, if you want the salesperson to accompany you during your test drive, they can sit in the back to keep their distance.

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If you are looking to buy a new set of living room furniture or are looking for a dining table and chairs, start checking out offers in January. In the first months of the year, homeowners usually cut costs to save money after the holiday season.

In response to the pandemic, some furniture stores are offering virtual chat rooms that allow online shopping with the seller. You can also schedule a private shopping session to limit contact with other shoppers. Furniture stores offer door-to-door or door-to-door delivery instead of bringing the product to your home.

Wedding Dresses

For those with a wedding planned for 2022, January is the best time to hit the wedding dress sale. Wedding retailers focus on disposing of old inventory to make room for new ones, which is why they often run so-called sample sales.

The traditional stock sale only includes manufacturer sample dresses, but bridal retailers may also include dresses from last year's inventory in these promotions. You can get up to 90% discount on your dream dress. However, sizes may be limited, returns may not be permitted, and you may not even be able to try on the dress.

Be prepared to wear a mask, and don't expect all your bridesmaids, your mom, and your mother-in-law to go shopping with you - no more than one or two people. If you manage to try on a dress, do not count on the seller's help. Instead, you will have to rely on the help of one of your escorts.

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One way to freshen up your bedroom in the new year is to change your bedding. But bedding can make your wallet several hundred dollars lighter, so it makes sense to wait for the sale.

January is the month of white sales, and items such as bedding are offered up to 80% off. Stores such as Macy's, Target, JCPenney, and Bed Bath & Beyond have had such sales in the past year.

If you're not interested in visiting the store, shop online, or check out the sites of online retailers that also offered discounts on bedding last January: Wayfair,, and Joss & Main. But if you do choose to go to the store, expect current pandemic protocols - wearing masks, social distancing, or even more stringent measures - may be relevant if the coronavirus situation gets worse.

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