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Withdrawn and Dangerous: Popular Foods to Ditch

Many over-the-counter supplements and personal care products claim to support your health. But in fact, some popular products can put it at risk. Edition MSN compiled a list of products that should be thrown out of your cosmetic bags and first aid kits right now.

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1. Food supplement and vitamin D3

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced the recall of two supplements from Fusion Health and Vitality LLC. Fusion Health and Vitality's Core Essential Nutrients Supplement may contain Hordenine HCl, an unapproved trace mineral that is sometimes found in weight loss supplements, according to the November 23 revocation notice. The FDA reports that Hordenine HCl is "potentially dangerous" to be taken orally, and that those taking the supplement may experience side effects, including high blood pressure or increased heart rate. However, at the time of the recall, there were no reports of problems with the supplement.

Immune Boost's sublingual vitamin D3 has also been recalled due to mislabelling, which made it "a new drug not approved under FDA labeling rules."

2. Milk from Homestead Creamery

Homestead Creamery announced in early November that it was recalling glass-bottled milk and other beverages due to problems with the disinfection process. According to the notice: "The recall was initiated after the product was found to smell like cleaning agent."

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3. Metformin hydrochloride from Nostrum Laboratories

Pharmaceutical company Nostrum Laboratories announced a voluntary recall of metformin hydrochloride sustained-release tablets in November. This medication is usually prescribed to treat diabetes. Levels of nitrosamine (also known as NDMA), a common environmental pollutant and potential carcinogen, have been found to exceed the recommended limit.

4. Essential oils Rocky Mountain Oils

Rocky Mountain Oils has removed five of its essential oils and essential oil blends from the market for safety reasons. In October, about 33 bottles of Wintergreen essential oil and essential oil blends Pain Ease, Relieve Me, Sports Pro and True Blue were recalled due to contamination with methyl salicylate, a topical topical pain reliever that can be toxic if swallowed.

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5. Sunstar Americas mouthwash

If you have Paroex Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse mouthwash at home, it's time to ditch it. On October 28, the FDA reported that the popular mouthwash was taken off the shelves due to possible contamination with Burkholderia lata, a bacteria that can "cause life-threatening infections such as pneumonia and bacteremia."

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