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Assistant and companion: Amazon began selling Astro home robot with artificial intelligence

Nearly two years ago, then-VP of Amazon Network Products Charlie Tritchler wrote about the Astro, the company's first version of the smart home robot. Charlie thoughtfully explained his vision for the device: “Astro is a new kind of robot that is designed to help customers with a range of tasks such as housekeeping and keeping in touch with family. It brings together new advances in AI, computer vision, sensor technology, and voice computing. The robot is designed to be useful and user friendly." And now, after 2 years, Astro can already be bought. The edition told in more detail Forbes.

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The company began selling the device as part of its Day 1 Editions products available to customers by invitation only. Amazon usually reserves this category for its most advanced technologies like the Astro or the Ring Always Home Cam.

Astro is described as a comprehensive home companion that offers many services, from allowing users to see their home in real time when they are away, to learning daily habits and helping with home reminders.

Importantly, the device will use advanced learning models to recognize familiar users, navigate complex home landscapes, and seamlessly integrate into the household.

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It is noteworthy that the potential applications of Astro in the healthcare industry are endless. Most importantly, Amazon pairs the device with Alexa Together, which provides XNUMX/XNUMX access to emergency assistance.

Now the entire healthcare industry is actively investing in ways to provide medical care to patients at home. This is because patients are increasingly appreciating ease of care, that is, receiving care not only at home, but on their own schedule and on their own terms. And now that digital accessibility technologies have greatly improved, home health care is becoming more feasible.

In fact, this phenomenon has greatly contributed to the growth of companies such as Teladoc, which provide on-demand virtual care services through a mobile device. Other supporting healthcare companies are also taking advantage of this. Take Labcorp, for example, one of the world's largest clinical laboratory networks. The company recently announced a range of "self-test" kits that patients can use at home to check for conditions ranging from colorectal cancer to cholesterol levels and pregnancy.

This is ideal for household robots and smart devices such as the Astro. As advances grow, patients will be able to use Astro not only to access emergency services or keep in touch with their families, but also to access digital and virtual health services.

In addition, with the boom in artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced language learning models, Astro's capabilities will only get better, allowing more and more complex queries to be solved. Undoubtedly, Amazon has the resources and technical prowess to really make significant strides in generative AI and machine learning, and it will do so more and more in the coming years.

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However, it is important to note that Astro is not the only gladiator in the arena. AI enthusiast and Tesla founder Elon Musk has announced that his company is actively working on a humanoid robot named Optimus. The goal of the project will be to create a versatile, bipedal, autonomous humanoid robot capable of performing unsafe, repetitive, or boring tasks.

Achieving this ultimate goal requires the creation of software stacks that balance, navigate, perceive, and interact with the physical world.

Musk assured that the bot will be equipped with Tesla's advanced artificial intelligence technology, which means that it will be an intelligent and self-learning bot capable of responding to requests and commands. Again, given enough time and testing, this technology could be used positively for home healthcare needs and many others.

In the meantime, on YouTube you can already find reviews on Astro about those who have already purchased it.

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