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Poland accused Netflix of 'rewriting history' because of series about Ukrainian concentration camp guard

The Prime Minister of Poland wrote a letter to the streaming company Netflix, insisting on changes to the documentary about the Nazi death camps, The Devil Next Door.

Auschwitz was one of the death camps built in Poland. Photo: Depositphotos

"This series is about a native of Ukraine Ivan Demyaniuk, a former guard of the Nazi death camp, who was accused of killing more than 28 000 prisoners," recalls Air force.

Mateusz Moravecki stated that on the map shown in the series, death camps are located within modern Polish borders.

This, according to Moravecki, imposes false responsibility on Poland for the death camps, while the country was actually under German occupation during World War II.

A shot from the series. Screenshot: YouTube / Netflix

Netflix told Reuters that they were aware of concerns about their documentary.

Nazi Germany invaded Poland in the 1939 year, which marked the beginning of the war. The Germans built concentration camps, including Auschwitz, killing millions of people, most of whom were Jews.

On the subject: 'The Devil Next Door': Netflix will show a series about a Ukrainian who committed terrible crimes against Jews

Moravecki, in a letter to Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, said it was important to "honor and preserve the truth about World War II and the Holocaust."

He accused Netflix of having some of their films contain “significant inaccuracies” and “attempts to rewrite history.”


The Prime Minister attached a map of Europe at the end of the 1942 to the letter, as well as Pilecki’s notepad, which was voluntarily imprisoned in Auschwitz and described his stay in a concentration camp after a successful escape.

“I believe that this terrible mistake was made unintentionally,” Moravecki added.

Last year, Poland introduced laws criminalizing statements that hinted at Poland’s responsibility for crimes committed by Nazi Germany. However, international outrage prompted the government to refuse punishment for this in the form of a three-year sentence.

On the subject: 'Sadist', 'executioner', 'Nazi criminal': a series about a Ukrainian who served in death camps appeared on Netflix

During the occupation, most of the Jewish population of Poland was destroyed.

However, there are reports of the brutality of the Poles themselves against Jews and other civilians during and after the war. In 1941, the Polish peasants from Edwabne, possibly on the initiative of the Nazis, gathered over 300 of their Jewish neighbors and burned them alive in a barn.

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