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Full namesake scandalous American judge Kavano can not live with his name

The full namesake of the scandalous American judge Brett Cavanaugh, who was recently approved by the US Supreme Court after being charged with harassment, complained about his name. He was supported by Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson. This is how twitter-thread appeared with the pain of ordinary people, who are called as celebrities.

Photos: frame YouTube / Wall Street Journal

6 October US Senate approves Brett Cavanaugh as a Supreme Court judge. Discussing Kavano’s candidacy led to one of the loudest political scandals in the US over 2018 a year, recalls People are chosen for this position for life, therefore it is considered that high moral people should be members of the Supreme Court. Shortly before the vote, Kavano was accused of sexual harassment and indecent behavior during his student years.

Against the background of discussions in social networks and street protests, 27-year-old resident of Kentucky Brett Kavana spoke out - an ordinary sales assistant, whose name differs from the judge by only one letter. He was massively tweeted by opponents of the candidacy of Cavanaugh, so he came to the conclusion that now is a “terrible time” for his name.

In a conversation with the media, he admitted that the last few weeks for him were "insane."

“Dude, it was like a machine gun. As if the phone picked up a virus. Notifications came constantly. I never really used Twitter, but now I know how the stars feel, ”added Kavana.

The tweet became viral, and in the news it was supported by the full names of US Vice President Mike Pence, the former spokesperson for Trump, Sean Spicer, and former Trump adviser Steve Bannon. All politicians are united not by the best reputation in social networks and mass media.

"Welcome to the club, brother"

“Try being Sean Spicer for the last two years. Passport control at European airports is getting extremely fun "

Get used to Twitter notifications

Other namesakes of celebrities - actors, musicians and writers gathered in the comments. Everyone wanted to share their pain.

“My father is Michael Jackson, and my stepmother is Janet Jackson. Even better: the name of my native mother - Debbie Jackson, the same name from the real ex-wife Michael Jackson. That's what happened on the first page of the Globe tabloid on the day I was born ... "

“I understand you, bro”

“You just need to take it and use it to start a conversation with people. Plus it helps to easily remember you (good or bad) "

“In a break between producing The Beatles and writing Game of Thrones, I somehow found time to respond to this tweet.”

“In general, that's why I went to cinema school”

““ Yes, it is true my name “, - a phrase that I am well aware of”

"The same with being Chris Brown"

"I am so sorry"

[Full namesake of the author of the series The Hunger Games] "Believe me - I understand your pain"

“Well, at my boyfriend at least the series was closed”

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