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Police detain a suspect in the murder of a missing student in Utah

23-year-old Mackenzie Lueck last saw 17 June when she flew to Salt Lake City, Utah, where she called Lyft and went to the park, where she met someone, writes NBC News.

Photo: Twitter slcpd

The police blamed the man Ayool Ajayi for the murder of an 23-year-old student. He is also accused of abduction under aggravating circumstances.

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Salt Lake City police chief Mike Brown said he personally called the parents of a young woman in Southern California to let them know that their daughter had died.

“This is one of the toughest phone calls I've ever made since the news was devastated and broken for Greg and his wife Diana,” Brown said.

As part of the investigation, the police searched for a mattress that was somehow related to the disappearance of the girl.

Photo: Twitter slcpd

Ajayi has posted a photo of this mattress in the LetGo application, which helps people sell furniture and other items on the Internet.

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Suspect Ajayi previously worked as an IT specialist in the army, and now, according to his LinkedIn profile, he works as a Dell technical support analyst and lives in the Salt Lake City Fairpark.

  • Earlier it was reported that in photographs taken with video surveillance cameras at the Salt Lake City International Airport, Luek with a black backpack and a handbag leaves the airport around 2 at 1 am on Monday, 17 June. The woman arrived at the airport after attending the funeral of a family member in California. After the plane landed, around 1: 00 on the night of June 17, she sent a message to her mother, then about her there was no information.
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