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Ohio police shot a man who was cleaning the apartment of the late grandmother: he was mistaken for a robber

According to an Ohio family, police mortally wounded one of their members while he was cleaning his deceased grandmother's apartment. Writes about it The Guardian.

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Joe Frazur Jr., 28, was wounded on Monday, January 30, and died on Tuesday, January 31.

The shooting, the latest in a string of scandalous police killings in the United States, took place in Wyoming, Ohio, a city of about 9000 people.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office initially investigated the shooting and then turned the case over to the county's attorney.

The county coroner's report cited a police gunshot wound as the cause of Frazur's death.

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According to the police, the officers suspected that Frazur was a robber. Relatives said that he was just cleaning the apartment after the death of his grandmother.

Law enforcement officers promised to post a video of the incident on Friday, February 3. The officers involved were not named.

Police said they responded to an emergency call about a possible break-in involving two to three people.

As it turned out, the neighbor called and said that no one should be in the apartment. When the police arrived, they met Frasur and his father at the back of the building.

Law enforcement officers said that Frazur did not follow orders and started to run away from the officers trying to leave the area in a minibus. They said they opened fire on the van when it "nearly hit an officer".

Frazura was shot at least once in the head. He was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where he died.

Challenging the version of the police, the family of the deceased demanded that the video of the incident be made public.

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“I don’t care what they say: this car didn’t go straight for them,” said Joe Frazur Sr., the father of the deceased.

Lisa Fischer, the mother of Frazur Jr., said: “I want answers from them. I need video from the body camera."

On February 1, the family of an officer who was shot dead held a small protest outside the Wyoming Police Department calling for justice and the release of the video.

“I want to know why they killed my brother,” said Joe Frazur Jr., Frazur Jr.’s half-brother of the same name. - I want to watch the video.

“My brother was a father, brother, son, family member. Loving friend. Please help me get justice for my brother,” he concluded.

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