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New York Police has opened access to crime databases

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Now Internet users have access to the same base of crimes that the New York police use.

The city authorities have presented a new digital version of CompStat, which will give the public “unprecedented” access to crime statistics in New York, writes New York Post.

Innovative technology, called CompStat 2.0, will be available to police officers via smartphones to ensure the efficiency of their work. Members of the public will be able to obtain information of interest to them. link on the website of the police department, which is not yet operational.

“CompStat 2 is capable of receiving all information from CompStat, with a few exceptions, and sharing it with you: the media and the public,” New York Police Commissioner Bill Bretton told reporters.

“Exceptions” include the names of the victims of the crime and the exact addresses of the incidents. According to the commissioner, the program will be updated every Wednesday.

Until now, the public has not had access to this level of statistics. This technology will give any user the opportunity to analyze data on crime in a certain part of the city.

Since March, all 36 thousands of police officers in New York will receive special smartphones with access to databases and statistics, currently only 25 thousands, about 70%, of New York law enforcement officers are provided with these gadgets.

As wrote ForumDaily, because of the coding of information in smartphones Apple New York City Police Cannot Open Hundreds of Crimes.

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