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Chicago cop tries to change his race through court

A Chicago police officer is suing the city. He demands to change his racial affiliation indicated in official documents, reports FOXNews.

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Mohammad Yusuf, 43, said in a federal civil rights lawsuit that he wants to renounce the "Caucasian" race because he "currently identifies as Egyptian and African American."

Yusuf claims he provided 23 and Me genetic test results showing his ancestry and race, but the department denied his request.

Change of gender identity, but not race

The police department allows an officer's gender identity to be "adjusted to reflect his or her life experiences," but Yusuf's race change was denied.

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Yusuf said that this decision by officials affects his professional development.

According to the lawsuit, Yusuf claims his requests for promotions were repeatedly ignored because of his “Caucasian” race. Those raises were given to other minority applicants, he said.

Yusuf claims that the promotion system is "particularly" friendly to "minority candidates" even if they do not score well in the examinations conducted for promotion in the police service.

Yusuf, in particular, claims that he “scored the highest score” on the sergeant’s exam in 2019, but then and still has not received such a promotion. Since that time, the suit says, he has overseen "more than 75 promotions to sergeant," with "fewer than five promotions" going to candidates who identify as Caucasian.

“Despite exemplary qualifications and the supposed race-neutral policies of the merit system, I was repeatedly passed over for promotions. This was done in favor of less qualified candidates of eligible race, particularly African American officers. Some of them had disciplinary problems and were clearly not suitable for performing sergeant duties,” Yusuf’s complaint says.

Race is not suitable for career

Yusuf said he joined the police force in 2004. At the time, the department only offered three race options: Caucasian, Black and Hispanic. He said he chose "Caucasian" and it was added to his personnel file.

The department now offers "more than nine" different racial designations for new officers. But he was not allowed to change his race to more accurately reflect his identity, the lawsuit says.

After repeated refusals, Yusuf was told he would first need to take a DNA test before his race could be changed on his personnel file.

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He then provided the results of a genetic test that revealed his ancestry and race. But the department ultimately said it was "impossible" to change the official records in his file.

“The racial identity policy openly and intentionally discriminates against certain individuals based solely on personal characteristics such as race,” the officer said.

The lawsuit specifically alleges that the City of Chicago is violating Section Five of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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