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Useful little things: 18 simple and cute life hacks that will make your life more pleasant

People share small, very easy hacks that improved their mental health or mood over time. BuzzFeed.

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We are all looking for ways to make our daily life a little easier, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the time, money or energy.

What little habits make the biggest difference in the long run? Here are some great ideas:

1. “It hasn't changed my life, but making my bed every morning makes me feel so much better. This is where the day starts. I know I can't go back to bed when it's already made. It's really nice to get into a tidy bed with sheets tucked in before going to bed. I make sure to change sheets once a week, always on Sunday, and I iron the sheets and pillowcases when I put them on the bed. It doesn't take that long, high temperatures are good for destruction dust mites, and the bed smells great. Getting into bed with your sheets and pillowcases ironed is a bit of a luxury,” says user extralatte5.

2. “The pandemic has made my work very hard and stressful. I had a real nervous breakdown and spent months just crying and having panic attacks. I eventually admitted that I needed a break and took some time off. Lying in my bed, I thought that I would do one nice thing every day. This positive moment can be anything that nourishes you, such as reading or walking, anything that you find useful for yourself. I started doing this, and the difference in a couple of weeks was very noticeable. When you're overwhelmed, staying healthy and active can seem like a daunting task, but "one positive thing" makes you feel like you experienced something good today," user l45a881d97 said.

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3. “When pouring water into the coffee maker, I put the ground coffee in the filter beforehand, so when I wake up in the morning, I can just turn on the coffee maker and let it run while I take a shower. A cup of coffee is waiting for me when I get out of the shower and I will have time to sit before getting ready for a new day, ”said an anonymous user, Boston, Massachusetts.

4. “To deal with my depression (and short-term memory loss, which is likely related to my depression), I take a quick Snapchat photo or video of something that makes me happy so I can get a Snapchat Memory reminder of simple things in life that make me happy. I just take photos or videos and keep them for myself, kind of like a visual gratitude journal,” said an anonymous user from New York.

5. “On the advice of a cognitive behavioral therapist, I began to mentally “write down” my worries before bed. Categorizing my obsessive anxiety helped control my thoughts, which led to better sleep and ultimately taught my brain to stop chasing useless thoughts. For example, concerns such as "Won't my pram fall into the canal when I'm walking down the path?" will be listed as "highly unlikely". Worries like “will my baby ever sleep through the night?” will be filed under the heading "You are taking steps to fix this - be patient." I had to “write down” every anxiety before bed,” said a 38-year-old user from the UK.

6. “Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, every day without exception. Do this before coffee and before meals. Your skin will improve, you will be less lethargic, and your overall well-being will improve. Moisture is so important for our body and mind!”, – shared a user of 30 years from Washington.

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“The best decision I have ever made in my morning routine is to add fruit to the water. I used to think it was a chore to remember to drink water and I always forgot to refill the bottle, but the fruit adds such great flavor that it has become the highlight of my morning,” said another user.

7. “Every time I receive a unique, personal, or touching compliment, I write it down with the date and who said it. Years later, I have a wonderful list that I can look at when I'm having a bad day or when I'm feeling down,” said a California user.

8. “I always make too much broth when I cook and end up throwing it away. For the past month I have been freezing it in our spare ice cube tray and have always used it up by the end of the week. It takes me 10 seconds to fill the tray and I don't waste bouillon cubes,” said an Irish user.

9. “I have three teenagers and one 12-year-old child, including my husband, there are six of us in the same house. Laundry can drive you crazy. So I gave each person a hook in the bathroom and assigned one towel per person to be used within a week. I wash them every Sunday and give them a new towel. No more piles of towels on the floor every day. Having a personal towel means I can figure out who leaves it on the floor so it made my life so much easier. It's a game changer,” said the Texas woman.

10 “I got a period drawer. So when it starts, I have everything I need in one place. Including tea, vitamins, pads, painkillers and snacks, which I replenish as needed. It was easy to do, and I'm so glad I made my life easier with it, ”said user fakefattrusty.

11 “Deeds during advertising. Do something when the ad is on! Change the sheets on the bed, load the laundry (or unload the finished laundry into the dryer), put things away or dust. It works,” said user kljempson.

12 “My girlfriend and I love to go out to eat, but we never know where to go, so we play the 5-3-1 game. First, one of you will list five random places to eat. From these five options, ask the other person to choose the top three. Out of the three, you can both choose your favorite for your next restaurant outing. It made my life so much easier,” said a user from Pennsylvania.

13 “Every time you leave the room, take something extra and put it away. Once it becomes a habit, your home will stay in order,” says u/Enilorac89.

14 “I started preparing vegetables when I buy them, not when I need them. Cut off the end of the celery as soon as you take it out of the bag. Pre-cut the onion you'll be using this week. Do this when you're actually in a good mood so it's easy. Doing this when you are hungry, you have little time and you cook for yourself and other people is a lot of stress,” says an anonymous person from Iceland.

15 “Washing machine timer function. We are a small family: two working parents and two children, but we manage to get an exorbitant amount of laundry dirty. Load laundry before bed or before work and set the timer to finish at a convenient time.

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This feature is even in standard washing machines, so take advantage of all the benefits - especially useful when it comes to school uniforms, ”said an anonymous user from Britain.

16 “Set aside something from every paycheck. Get in the habit of procrastinating and it will save you a lot of trouble,” u/javanator999 shared.

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17 “If I need to remember something like a bill to mail or something I need to bring to work, I leave it on my car keys near the front door. So I immediately notice it and will not forget it before leaving the house. If it's something that I can't physically leave on top of my keys, I'll write it on a sticker and then stick it to my car keys," said a Tennessee user.

18 “Instead of just setting boundaries with others, I set boundaries for myself too. Thus, I am in control of the situation. You can't control someone's actions, but you can control your reactions. set your boundaries with people, and if they still cross that line, you already have a boundary with yourself that says, "If this person violates my boundary, I'm going to speak up, get out of the situation, etc." It helped me to control myself. It's such a small trick, but it has changed my life a lot, ”said a user from Arizona.

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