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Screening of the film 'The Shining' and passing the flag of Belarus: how to spend a weekend in Los Angeles (January 22-24)

Collage: ForumDaily

What: 5 steps to mental health during a pandemic

When: Friday-Sunday, January 22-24

Where: Online

More: For the first time in the history of mankind, we are faced with a situation of total quarantine in all countries of the world. Wherever we are, wherever our relatives and friends live, despite the boundaries and limitations, we all became hostages of the new conditions of existence. The coronavirus paralyzed everyone without exception and proved that in the face of such challenges, we must unite while maintaining social distance.

Today, everyone finds themselves in conditions of frenzied stress that no one has ever encountered before. We do not always understand what is happening to us, and we do not understand what is happening to others. We feel sometimes fear, then admiration, then calm serenity, then incredible horror, and sometimes we just don't care. We do not understand why one reaction changes to another, and what to do about it. Within the of this course You will learn about anxiety, depression and the stage of acceptance of unavoidable situations in life.

Cost: Free options


What: Who are the Millennials Course

When: Friday-Sunday, January 22-24

Where: Online

More: Millennials are a concept of American culture. To be precise, it was introduced into wide circulation by two authors - William Strauss and Neil Hove, who wrote the highly popular book Generations: A History of the American Future. They soon developed the ideas of this book in their works. This was followed by a series of works by the same authors dedicated to the maturing generation of millennials. According to another popular American classification, this same category of people is called “Generation Y”, “Generation Next”, “Echo Boomers”. On this course You will learn interesting facts about the Millennials.

Cost: Free options


What: Exhibition The Beauty War

When: Friday-Sunday, January 22-24

Where: Cakeland.LA 936 Mei Ling Way Los Angeles, CA 90012

More: The Beauty War is a light and dark themed immersive art installation: partly mirror hall, partly dark attraction. The Beauty War contains allegorical references to the universal archetypes that we all face from the birth of independence, fear of the unknown, from personal actualization to spiritual enlightenment and death.

Cost: From $ 12,50


What: Transfer of the flag of Belarus

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Saturday, January 23, from 12:00

Where: Capitol Records Building, 1750 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028

More: B23B will arrive in Los Angeles on Saturday, January 4rd. B4B is an action organized by Belarusians from all over the world to pass their flag by relay to all over the world.

It is planned to meet and accept the flag that will arrive from San Francisco. The general collection for all comers is announced near Capital Records. Then all the gathered will move in a column along the sights of the city. Children on bikes will lead the procession, and everyone who wants to follow them.

Cost: Free options


What: Screening of the film "The Shining"

When: Saturday, January 23, from 19:00

Where: Glendale Sears Parking Lot 211 West California Avenue Glendale, CA 91203

More: Writer Jack Torrance comes for an interview with the owner of the Overlook Hotel, Stuart Ullman, in order to get a job there as a caretaker for the winter. For five months, he plans to live with his wife Wendy and son Danny in an empty hotel, cut off from the rest of the world by the snow. Jack will be working here on his new play. Ulman tells him that one of the previous caretakers of the hotel, Dilbert Grady, became insane after five months of imprisonment, killed his wife, his two daughters and committed suicide. However, this story does not make much of an impression on Jack, and he gets the job.

Cost: $ 23


What: Melrose Place Farmers Market

When: Sunday, January 24, from 09:00

Where: Melrose Place Farmers Market, 8400 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90069

More: One of the best ways to spend your Saturday is to support local artisans with a variety of local produce and merchandise at the perennial farmers' market. Come to stock up on the freshest fruits, vegetables, snacks and many other useful things.

Cost: Free options


What: Virtual tour of the botanical garden

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Sunday, January 24, from 11:30

Where: Online

More: All participants will not only look at and enjoy the scents of flowers, but also delve deeper into the history and cultural significance of some of Los Angeles's most beloved and best-known plants. Many of their species are well known to the inhabitants of California - some were brought in with the aim of influencing the ecosystem of the city, while others just fit well into the landscape.

Cost: $ 10


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