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Screening of Gal Gadot's film about Hamas attack on Israel ends in mass brawl

The screening of a film by Israeli Hollywood actress Gal Gadot about the terrorist attack committed by Hamas ended in a mass brawl between Israeli and Palestinian demonstrators. Writes about this New York Post.

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The police were already in full force at the Museum of Tolerance, where the Wonder Woman star was showing the film Bearing Witness to the October 7th Massacre, which used footage filmed by the Israel Defense Forces.

Videos have emerged online showing people waving Israeli flags and fighting with Palestinian protesters in the streets.

The police, trying to contain the unruly crowd, created a barrage and eventually used pepper spray.

Several people have been detained, but it is unclear if any have been arrested or charged.

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Los Angeles (California) Mayor Karen Bass condemned the violence.

“We cannot allow current tensions in the world to escalate into such unacceptable violence in our city,” she wrote on her X page. “This is a time of enormous pain and suffering for thousands of city residents. We must unite."

The screening of Gadot's film sparked controversy and threats on social media, with Palestinian supporters accusing the Israeli actress of "supporting genocide" and Jewish supporters coming to her defense.

About 200 people, including Israeli officials and Hollywood executives, attended a screening of a film showing surveillance footage taken by Hamas terrorists during the surprise attack.

About 50 protesters gathered at the entrance. Some carried signs reading “Anti-Zionism ≠ Anti-Semitism” and “Museum of Tolerance shows film promoting genocide,” while others waved Israeli flags. One of those present, using a bullhorn, chanted “Bring them home,” referring to the hostages.

Among the protesters was Miguel Angel Arias, 33, whose wife is Palestinian. In his opinion, the footage will be used to justify the killing of Palestinian citizens.

“The film is being shown at a time when people are calling for a ceasefire,” he noted. “This display is only for a few privileged people and it does not lead to conversation.”

Another participant in the protest accused the museum of playing a “propaganda game” and said that he had no complaints about the museum itself, but he argued that the filmmakers decided to show it in this place “specifically in order to create the impression that we are anti-Semitic.”

“We are not anti-Semites, we are anti-Zionists,” said an unknown participant in the rally. “We do not support what they are doing to the Palestinian people during the 75-plus years of occupation.”

Meanwhile, at the museum, about 200 people gathered in the hall, talking about what to expect from the film before its screening.

Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Museum of Tolerance, in his speech referred to the spirit of the Jewish people and called Hamas "the Nazis of the XNUMXst century."

Gilad Erdan, Israel's ambassador to the UN, took the podium and said, "This video will change the way you think about the Middle East." He called Hamas "absolute evil" and drew applause when he called for "the eradication of this genocidal group."

While watching the video, some in the room cried and screamed from the horrors they witnessed as terrorists killed and maimed civilians and attacked vacationers at a music festival.

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When the recording ended, IDF Lt. Col. Amnon Scheffler said the military was trying to “minimize harm to civilians” when bombing Gaza.

Gadot was not present at the screening and has not made any public statements on the matter.

The actress served in the IDF before pursuing a career in the entertainment industry and has repeatedly stated her support for the Jewish nation.

“I support Israel and you should too,” Gadot wrote on Instagram on October 7. “The world cannot sit idly by while these horrific acts of terrorism occur.”

She has since posted countless videos and photographs of hostages still held by Hamas under the hashtag #NoHostageLeftBehind.

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