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Catch the tail of the American dream: six stories of people who won the green card

Someone has been playing for about ten years, someone has been lucky the first time, and someone has a third green card for a family. A family from Belarus, a couple from Kiev and a very young girl from Lipetsk. They all won the green cards in the lottery. This year acceptance of applications began on October 3 and continue until 6 November. ForumDaily gave a very detailed instructionshow to fill out the form, as well as published full official instruction in Russian with answers to the most pressing questions. In the meantime, ForumDaily talked with the lucky ones who have already got a chance to move to America.

“We played for six years and did not lose hope,” - Alexey Savinov, 32, Minsk, Belarus.

Alexey with his family. Photo: from the personal archive

Alexey Savinov with his family. Photo: from the personal archive

Alexey and his wife have been playing the lottery since 2011, and never lost hope, although each time, in response to their inquiry, they saw the same phrase “has not been selected”.

“This time I was the first to check my profile - the same familiar inscription. Then he began to check the status of his wife - and then a completely different picture pops up with completely different words. And we, of course, have a stupor, we then double-checked it several times - what if there was some kind of error, a failure in the system. This also happens. "

The couple already have two directions where they would like to go: either the state of California (it is expensive there, but there are acquaintances), or Pennsylvania. “I looked at the information, read different ratings - there is work there, and the crime rate is low, and there is a large Russian-speaking community, so it will be easy to adapt,” says Alexey.

He is not worried about work - with his specialty as a car mechanic, he will always find how to make money. Dinara is a cook by profession, so she can get a job. Alexey teaches English on his own, and now his wife and 11-year-old daughter Yaroslav will start to tighten their language. The girl has been playing the lottery with her parents for all six years and now she talks about America only.

“I've always wanted something different. The latest economic events in my country make one think about the future, but it is becoming more and more foggy in Belarus. I watched a lot of videos and reread a lot of blogs of expats who left for the USA. And I did not find those who, having adapted there, would complain about life and wanted to go back. Everyone, basically, says that a sea of ​​opportunities opens up in the States, and I believe in that, ”says Alexey.

“We were lucky the first time, my husband immediately ran for gin - to celebrate”, - Elena, 30 years old, Kiev, Ukraine (she asked not to give her last name).

In the states of Elena and her family since October 2015. Here they began to apply for political asylum and accidentally remembered about the green card draw - registration was just open. “I say to my husband: let's fill it in, maybe? He agreed, although he doubted. We played for the first time. ”

Helen says that before 3 May, when it was possible to check the results, they did not sleep half the night. And exactly in 12 of the day already sat near the computer.

“Many people complained in the forums that their site immediately froze, but at first everything worked for us. First they checked my number - no. Therefore, let's check the husband's profile - and we see an official letter that this number has been selected. ”

The girl says that she did not even believe in such luck and did not hope for a victory. “First, shock, silence, we look at each other, and then they started shouting - hurray. My husband immediately ran for the gin - to celebrate ”.

The family will prepare and prepare documents with the help of a lawyer. Since the political asylum case is already in the process, they are afraid that it would damage the green card. "We will do two things in parallel, let's see which one will burn out."

And in America, the family has already settled down - they live in Miami, where Elena works as a hairdresser, and her husband is a cook. “We are very happy and glad we left. We had no one here - we just decided, got together and went with a great desire to stay here ”.

“I already have all the documents ready, even for an interview,” - Yulia Rusina, 20, Lipetsk, Russia

Julia Rusina. Photo: from the personal archive

Julia was waiting for the moment when she could start playing the lottery. Last year, the girl received a diploma of higher education and decided to try her luck. On May 3, unlike most, she did not sit at the computer - she simply forgot about the rally. I remembered the next day and calmly checked the result. It turned out that her profile was selected.
“I never dreamed of winning, I was never lucky for such things. But I decided to test my fate and did not regret it even once, ”the girl says. She immediately went to work with her mother with a cake - to tell about the good news and to celebrate.

The girl has a manager's diploma, but she dreams of leaving for New York - to study again and try her hand at the art field. She will go to conquer America alone.

“The youngest daughter won. This is the third green card in our family ”, - Polina Serdobintseva, 55, Chicago, USA

You can shoot a film or write a book based on the story of Polina's life. She, with her sick husband and 4-year-old youngest son, came to the United States from Russia 15 years ago on a tourist visa. Here, the family counted on the help of humanitarian organizations - the husband urgently needed a replacement of the pacemaker, which they could not carry out at home.

“We didn't manage to stay in the States for a long time, we moved to Canada, where we learned about winning the green card. But we were unable to activate it for a number of reasons - in other words, we did not get to the interview, ”says Polina. Then the family returned to the States again, where they managed to legalize. But two more daughters remained in Russia - at that time the girls were studying at institutes and Polina did not want to interrupt their education.

"Family reunification is a very long process, it takes 5-7 years, so I continued to play the lottery."

Polina filled out all the questionnaires for children and their husbands herself, the only exception: every year she demanded fresh photos from them - “every time she called and said: now there will be a new drawing, come on, send me a photo”. And five years ago, the eldest daughter Valentina won the green card. Then the confirmation came by regular mail, and Polina specially indicated her American address - she did not trust Russian delivery.

And this year the luck repeated itself - now the youngest Anya got the chance to get a green card.

“I really wanted to, I prayed to all the gods, wrote a letter to God. Before turning on the computer, I lit a candle, prayed to the icon, went to the computer, click - and win. The husband is on the first floor, and from the second I shout to him: "Slava, she won." Then we came to our senses a little and began to call Russia - they had it at about four in the morning. My daughter didn't believe it at first, ”says Polina.

Now her daughter and her family are collecting documents, and Polina hopes that soon they will be all together. The elder Valentina promises to come with the younger Anya - after two years of living in the States, she returned to Russia, but now she assures her mother that this was a mistake and promises to fly with her sister. Polina says that she is happy in America. But he immediately warns: emigration is very difficult.

“You know, the attitude is important - if you really want to come here, put down roots and live here, everything will work out. When I arrived in America, it seemed to me that she had been waiting for me for a long time - all people are smiling, I was just euphoric. "

In Russia, a woman had a good life - a high position, her own home. “But when I gave birth to my son in 1994, and it seemed to me that he would go to the army and fight against Chechnya - I was ready, you know, to take him on my back and crawl across the border.”

Polina's main advice to new immigrants is to learn the language and tune in to hard work. “When a person is given such a chance by God, one has to sit down, weigh everything and decide correctly. You have to interest America in something - first of all, as a specialist. "

“I won a green card twice, but only the second time I managed to bring everything to an end,” - Yuri Bocharov, 50, Louisville, Kentucky.
Yuri and his family. Photo: from the personal archive

Yuri Bocharov with his family. Photo: from the personal archive

Yuri is from Perm, where he had everything, as it should be for a Russian man in his prime: good business, an apartment, cars and a summer house. However, he tried to move to the States from 2003 onwards.

“I won the green card then. But the confirmation was sent by mail, and it got to me too late - I simply did not have time to submit further documents ”. The second time luck smiled in 2012. He and his family were interviewed in early October, and in April he, his wife, youngest son and a dog moved to Kentucky. The eldest daughter stayed to finish the 11th grade and joined her family a couple of months later.

Yuri advises: in an interview you need to prove that in America you will not immediately sit on the neck of the state. Or show a good amount of money you can take with you. Or demonstrate the sought-after profession.

“Actually, I am a businessman, but by profession I am a doctor. So, if I had indicated that I was a doctor, they would not have taken me: they do not need doctors. As well as lawyers. But working professions, engineers - very even ”.

You also need to understand that immigration is not cheap. “The first time you need to live on something, rent an apartment, eat,” says Yuri and immediately warns: tune in to the fact that most likely you will lose your status.

“For example, my wife - she was a popular pediatric surgeon in Perm, but here no one knows her, she could not get a job for a long time. Because no one needs you without an American diploma. ”

Therefore, at first she was just a volunteer, then she was given night shifts and much later was invited to work in a private clinic, but as an administrator. Yuri's wife is now also studying, and he opened his own business - he buys apartments at bank auctions, makes repairs in them and sells them. He says that, despite all the difficulties, he is happy that he moved, primarily because the children in the States are clearly better off. “The daughter is studying at the University of Chicago, the son goes to school. Both already speak fluent English. No one has nostalgia ”.

“I played the lottery with a friend. I won, she didn't, ”- Yuri Torop, New York.

Yuri did not think about immigration. He lived in Kiev, worked as a fitness trainer and learned about a green card from a friend. In 2014, I filled out an application at the very last minute of the draw.
“We have already filed a deadline for filing, but because of the time difference in America, there were still a couple of hours to file, so I managed to register and immediately forgot about it.”

The guy even stopped communicating with his friend, but she unexpectedly called and said that she had checked his profile - he won! “Later I was told that this usually happens: those who do not really want to win. And those who dream and play 8-10 times - no ”.

At the time of winning, Yuri was 31 year, and he admits: he did not want to start life from scratch. But he decided to take a chance. He collected all the documents himself and urges not to pay big money to firms that promise to do it for you, because the process is rather simple.

First, Yuri went to friends in Arizona, worked for the summer in North Carolina, and now lives in New York. He has private clients, and he simply bought a coach license on the Internet after completing online courses. “It’s strange that with my higher education and experience I just had to buy confirmation that I can train people.”

He has two main tips for immigrants: raising money and learning English. For him, the language is still a problem - in his environment, mostly Russian speakers. Therefore, the guy decided: most likely, he will go to the army, receive citizenship and try to build life here.

“The green card, of course, makes the journey easier, but you must understand that this is not a lucky ticket. After winning, everything is just beginning. ”

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