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An underwater waterfall in New York, a visit to which you will never forget

When it comes to exploring New York's natural wonders, most people go to Adirondack or Catskills. However, there are many natural attractions in the state that are located in little-known places, but you will remember them for a lifetime.

Photo: Facebook / SECRET CAVERNS

For example, in the district of Shokhari there is a unique underground waterfall that will shock anyone, even an experienced traveler, writes Only in Your State.

Hidden in central New York, you can find the waterfall if you follow the signs for Secret Caverns.

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The sign and entrance to these caves are painted with bizarre hand-painted paintings that attract visitors, for almost 100 years people have been going to this place in search of adventure.

Instagram Screenshot

Near the reception desk, maps of caves are depicted, again with charming hand-painted paintings. We advise you to study them before a walk.

As soon as you are all registered and ready to send, you will be directed to the entrance to the caves - 103 steps below ground level.

Going on an adventure half a mile long (800 m) through secret caves, you will pass through a winding cave, the views in which will make you feel like a new Indiana Jones.

Instagram Screenshot

During an hour-long excursion, you will learn about the various formations that can be found underground and the history of this unique cave.

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But the most interesting is waiting for you at the very end. There, guests are greeted by an underground waterfall 100 feet high (30 m), which is completely unlike any other attraction in New York State. Yes, and in many other regions, too.

The caves are open throughout the year, the air temperature in them all year round is about 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 Celsius). Therefore, it is also a great way to freshen up in the summer heat.

To learn more about visiting Secret Caverns and the Underground Waterfall, click here.

Address: 671 Caverns Road, Howes Cave, NY 12092

New York Attraction New York waterfall

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